Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dear Juliet,

Yep, that was me saying lub-dub in a stuttering, "speech defect-y" manner. Bahaha! Potcha. My heart's literally about to jump off my chest and I don't know why. Zia's pounding really, really mad. Now I can't drink coffee to keep me awake for my all nighter! Baka lalo ako mag-palpitate at mamatay if I do. Damn, I'm gonna pass out on my readings for sure. I have a lot to read for tomorrow's classes pa naman. Boo-hoo ;c Of all things to worry about my heart, ito pa. Crazy!

At least I know I have a heart, right? ♥ Photo credits here.

On other news...

I got to read a script written by Ms. Anna, my favorite office mate and writer. She took up Creative Writing in UP, so I got the feel of what an "authentic" movie script really is. It was so interesting! A page-turner indeed. Even my sister got hooked.

T'was fun to visualize what was written on the 76-pager superb piece. I got the impression that I'm reading a One Tree Hill script because of the panning, angling, and zooming in/out of the camera; the unexpected twists; the timely flashbacks; the creativity; the subtle humor, and the witty choice of words. In my head, certain personalities whom I personally chose played the roles.

The love story was inspired by Fight Club. The female protagonist, Aia, was just like Tyler Durden--only she had an imaginary friend, not an alter ego. Since she did not seem to fit such an ordinary world which treated her badly, she made her own perfect one and conjured a perfect friend named Jason who willingly accepted her as she is. She never outgrew this world and this friend. At the age of 22, she still clung to Jason who now became her boyfriend. 

Aia was aware that her imaginary world makes having a real love life impossible. Conflict arises when she meets Mike, a not-so-ideal guy whom she later on fell in love with. She was torn whether to embrace the painful reality of falling in love, or stick to her made-up yet perfect world.

Okay, enough with the script review. I might not be giving Ms. Anna's piece justice. Anyway, I'm really rooting for this girl. She's so talented and inspiring! She truly loves her craft and her works reflect her dedication to it.

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

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