Thursday, March 31, 2011

Couldn't be any TRUER.

Dear Juliet,

Para makabawi sa previous nega entry ko, let me show you a new video by Mikey Bustos about the Filipino CR. This is really funny and full of truisms!

Stuff that I found interesting in this video:

1. Sarsi Cola. Haha. I bet the rich kids of today don't know Sarsi. Meron pa kayang Sarsi Cola sa ating mga sarisari stores?

2. All You Can Eat is not really Filipino. We Filipinos usually say "Eat All You Can." We had a short discussion in class about the difference between the two phrases. My prof wasn't able to tell which one is more correct, but she agreed with me when I said that "Eat All You Can" is more inviting as compared with "All You Can Eat."

3. Good morning maam/sir is definitely Filipino. I don't know how I should react when sales peeps greet me that way.

4. Whitening creams and soap. LoL! I once tried a papaya soap. I can't say it worked though. Now, I'm no longer too conscious of my skin tone. I mean, ang ganda ko na kaya as a kayumanggi. Baka sumobra na ang kagandahan ko kapag pumuti pa ako. ROFL!

5. Greenhills. He probably hasn't heard of or gone to Divisoria. Haha! Quite sosyal ha!

6. Plucking off gray hair. Haha. My mom used to ask me to do this when I was little. Now, di na nya kami ma-uto ng kapatid ko ;p

7.Water from Narnia. Parang death by Titanic. Malamig sisig. Haha! Clever metaphors there, Mikey! Sisig, though, is supposed to be sizzling hot ;p

8. Too bad, it's difficult to transcribe 5:51 of the video. Haha.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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