Monday, March 28, 2011

Work Rant.

Dear Juliet,

For the lack of a proper venue to express my grievances, please allow me to post here my utter disappointment toward work stuff.

It's just sad that I have to justify the validity of my corrections to the typesetters. I'm not belittling them and their jobs, okay? In fact, I have high respect to them. However, I got upset by this recent incident. When I noted that the size of an illustration be decreased, I was asked in a very curt and meaningful tone, "Bakit? Ayaw mo ng malaki?"

It's kinda insulting that the decisions involving my job are deemed as based on mere preference. They don't realize that my corrections are results of the faults I find from their output and that my corrections are well-thought of. I don't make them just to give the typesetters a hard time; I make them in order to improve the books I'm editing aesthetically, grammatically, and most importantly, substantially.

Tsk. Disappointing. Sila, pag may reklamo sa editors, direcho sa head. Pero pag ang editors ang may problema sa typesetters, wala naman silang naririnig from us. Hay.

Anyway, this entry is posted via blogger mobile. I'm anticipating that this entry is poorly formatted. But my intention anyway is to release the BV.

~Happidezz on mobile

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