Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Good Cry

Dear Juliet,

This is gonna sound so baduy and so high school. But yes, I cried over a Taiwanese series called They Kiss Again. It's the kind of crying that makes one feel better and breathe easier after. Do you have those too?

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Anyway, I just finished re-watching the series which is about a couple who married at a very young age. The character of the girl, Xiang Qin, was established to be childish, stupid, and annoying. She described her love toward the guy, Zhi Shu, as "one-sided." She did all the effort toward winning the guy's heart back in high school and eventually, she succeeded when they got married. They went to college  as husband and wife, and there, all the comedy and drama occurred. Xiang Qin thinks that her husband, being the genius and introvert that he is, did not care about her at all. Little did she know that her husband loved so much her despite her imperfections; that without her, his life would not be complete at all.

This clip right below is my favorite scene in the series. The girl left home after finding out she has an incurable eye disease which she could pass on to the child she is carrying. She didn't want to burden her husband, so she ran away. Her husband found her in his hospital office. The guy was a doctor, by the way. So here, try to watch it. It's so heart-warming. It's kinda long, but this scene is where I really cried like a baby.

Isn't this just what every girl wants? A guy who will assure her that no matter what happens and that no matter how imperfect she could be, his love will never perish; that nobody will ever complete his life as perfectly as she does; that he will be SCARED if he ever loses her; and that nothing, as in NOTHING, can make him lose his love for her. This might be the reason why I so relate with Xiang Qin. She yearns for someone who will accompany her through the uncertainties life has to offer. Lucky her, she has found her match. As for me, I might have to wait a little longer. My Zhi Shu will come, I'm sure. And someday, I'll be as lucky as Xiang Qin. Like her, I will exert all my effort to make the marriage last happily and endure every ups and most especially, all the downs. Sigh. Now I'm really looking forward to that someday.

You probably don't know, Juliet, that I was once ready for marriage. You know, at one point in my life, I felt that I was really prepared to leave my family and start a new life with the guy I loved. I was so certain of him that I was already willing to give up a huge part of my life for him. But then again, it's good that no marriage happened between us because he is clearly not worthy of what I was willing to give up. He was not the guy for me. He easily let go of what we had and that makes him NOT at par with Zhi Shu. He is not the perfect husband material.

Someday, my Zhi Shu will find me and then, we'll also have a family as bonded and as happy as Xiang Qin's. I'll be close to my brothers and sisters in law. My mother in law will love me and my father in law will get along well with me. Someday, all of us will live happily ever after.

LoL. Sabi ko naman baduy di ba? Pagbigyan na. After all, a girl can dream ♥

They Kiss Again (aired in 2008) is a sequel to the series, It Started with a Kiss (2005). In that series, Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu were just in high school. Xiang Qin was in Section F while Zhi Shu was in Section A. Xiang Qin pursued the man of her dreams in the quirkiest of ways. 

I have to say. These two and Princess Hours are my favorite Asian TV series =)

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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