Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happiness! ♥

Dear Juliet,

We always say HAPPINESS is a choice. But is it, really? At one point in my life, I chose, even forced myself to be happy. But happiness' choice was to keep eluding me. All I ever wanted was to be happy again. I tried everything to be able to smile, but to no avail. I thought I had permanently lost grip on happiness and will never be happy ever again. But then I realized that though happiness is a choice, it's also okay to be sad and feel pain. That way, you'll have a solid ground--a perfect place to start in order to effectively pursue happiness; a jump off point so you'll really appreciate the transition of conditions, emotions, and moods.

You might be asking why I'm philosophizing about happiness. Wala lang. I've talked about happiness in quite a lot of entries in this blog, but it's just interesting that happiness can also be achieved through proper perspective. You know how we always rant about our jobs, about school, about financial matters? There's always a more positive perspective to deal with it. That instead of saying, "My job stresses me out. It's so demanding, blah, blah," we can see it the other way: "Thank God I have a job that stresses me out and demands the crap out of me. There is someone out there who needs a job, but isn't blessed with one."

Sometimes, we're also too preoccupied on just one thing, on only one goal that we see little sources of happiness as impuissant and unsatisfactory. Again, it's perspective that controls our happiness. The way we think things affect our mood, our happiness. So it is suffice to say that we also control our happiness. Kaya naman lately, I've been really exerting an effort on seeing the brighter side of things. The school stuff which pressured me, I faced them head on one by one. Now, I'm happy that I'm down with only one more requirement to accomplish--a final exam for my Registers of English class. I have one more week to prepare for this exam and I hope to do well. As for my other subject, Discourse Analysis, I've already completed the requirements. Yey! I can say I'm proud of my performance in this course. Though our prof is dubbed by some as kinda inept, I learned a lot from her. I also exerted a lot of effort doing my paper for this course. I spent two nights [one for the draft and another for the final paper] without sleep just to write it and I guess all my efforts paid off. When I submitted my soft copy to my prof's e-mail, her reply was, "Got the hard copy too yesterday.  Thanks!  You're such a responsible student.  Keep it up." See, lahat ng paghihirap ay nauubos din. Happy, happy, joy, joy indeed! :)

It's also great and refreshing to think that aside from ourselves, others, even strangers, can also bring happiness to us. An example would be these videos from Coca-Cola.

The video above spells FUN and is really inspiring. Someday, when I'm all rich and able, I'll have a roving vehicle going about the streets, spreading happiness through goodies I've personally prepared. But this is going to be a charitable project, so it's limited to the street children only. Hehe, ambitious lang ako ;p

Sana magkaroon din ng happiness vending machine sa school! Haha. That'll be overly COOL! Ang galing lang ng Coca-Cola. I love that they really give much thought on their advocacies and on their other commercials as well. There are actually more Coca-Cola happiness trucks/machines in other countries and it's interesting how the commercials are able to distinguish the kind and quality of happiness different peoples enjoy in their respective countries.

Happiness can also be those simple experiences in life, like this happy Thursday afternoon I had. I've been meaning to write about this day, but then I'm either too busy or sleepy or lazy the past days. So that day, I took off from work at noon to give time for this paper I'm doing with my ENG 158 group mates. I successfully accomplished my task [interview 10 CAL students] on time, with the drawback of sweaty and smelly armpits because of the leg work I did around the FC and CAL buildings. LoL! I decided to buy a shirt from the Shopping Center before meeting with my group mates in order to smell and look decent before them. Hayun. Happy naman kasi I felt accomplished. Plus, I had a new shirt.

After the meeting, I decided to eat at Jollibee before heading home. I was craving for the Tuna Pie then. Right after alighting the jeepney, I was given pleasant afternoon greetings by the traffic enforcers in front of Jbee Philcoa. It was a nice feeling being smiled at by strangers, so I smiled back at them. I entered Jbee with a positive vibe and immediately ordered my tuna pie and sundae. I chose to be seated at the couch for a more comfortable snack time. Though I was eating alone, a cute little boy accompanied me. He played peek-a-boo with me. I made faces at him when he looked my way and surprisingly, he seemed amazed. He was so adorable, even with spaghetti smudges on his face. He got me entertained the whole time that I didn't really feel I was alone.

And then there were these four kids who caught my attention. From their looks, I assumed they were street children. They bought one, just one Coke float and shared it among themselves. They were really happy with their individual straws at hand. In one Coke float, the four of them found happiness. Their happiness was so simplistic that I suddenly began to feel ashamed of myself. I have a lot compared to what these kids have, so why am I still moping around, thinking that I'm the most kawawa of all? Hay. Again, it's a matter of perspective.

Here's another reason to be happy--an article I read about Robert Pattinson. Yes, I'm a Twilight dork. so what? LoL. In this article, he said, "I’m not mushy but I have a romantic soul. Having grown up with two older sisters I have a deep respect for women. Sex and feeling for me go hand in hand."

Whoa. A man of that kind, of that soul, of that face, of that body still exists! *FAINTS* hahahaha!

Hoping, waiting, believing. 
★ Happidezz

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