Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.

Dear Juliet,

This day is ordinary but a couple of things made me smile today.

1. Kaimito.

We were given kaimitos at work today. After work, I placed mine in a small plastic bag so I can bring it home as pasalubong for my Mama. While I was walking and feeling the cool breeze and swaying my hands back and forth, my plastic bag ripped and my kaimito fell. I let out a loud shriek, causing all the Fatima students' attention to focus on me.

Too late to be inconspicuous, I just smiled, picked my dear kaimito up, and said, "Ay, nahulog!" I continued with my walking  and feeling of the cool breeze and swaying of hands. Boy was it difficult to suppress a laugh! I was smiling alone like a lunatic the whole walk.

And oh, I have this crazy observation about the kaimito smell, which is very inappropriate to discuss in here. Haha.

2. Videos.

I was skimming through my FB news feed and found these videos. These cracked me up. And I'm sharing them to you so they'd paint smiles on your faces the way they did to me.

Growing up is hard to do. I wish little Ava the best. She is so adorable. This only proves it's really hard to let go of a part of our lives.

Filipino Accent for Dummies. For once, let's not be intelligent ones and hate on this video. Come on, this is really funny. The guy has a point, you know. His facts are wrong, though. But it's downright hilarious. Those who deny that Filipinos don't generally talk this way are f*cking aristocrats and hypocrites. Let's shoot them. Lol. Come on! Don't we all have those slip-of-the-tongue moments? Haha!

3. Accomplishments. I've been dying to finish a  very boring task and fortunately, I was able to end my suffering today. Glad I no longer have to deal with that tedious piece of material!

4. Harutan with my sister. My mom hates it when we run behind her just so we could shield our boobs from the manyak hands of the other. Mama hates us even more when we insult each other and laugh ferociously during dinner. Yeah, we know it's improper. We just like teasing our mother.

We could also be too shallow sometimes. We laugh at each others' fatness and call each other names. My sister calls me "Babita Siopaowita" while I call her "Jugir Tabach." You know, 'coz I am a baboy with siopao cheeks and she has big boobies and is fat. LoL!

5. I got to watch Burlesque. Wow. I'd like to be part of that club. I can't sing though. So I'll just dance and boast of my sexy rice belly. LoL. Yeah. I'm eating rice again and it bloats me! But whatever, as long as I'm beautiful, I'm good whether I'm fat or not. LoL.

6. The rain! It makes sleep sounder. ILOVEIT!

7. I'm loving my red, kissable lips. Hahaha! Mwah ;*

There you go folks. I hope your March 1 was as happy as mine. It's the simple things in life that count.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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