Saturday, March 12, 2011


Dear Juliet,

Nope, this isn't a sleazy entry about a girl with big boobies. This is about my best college pal. I'd like to make her feel how special she is on her birthday and I hope to succeed on that. But trust me, she doesn't have big boobs. TRUST. ME.

Happy birthday, 
Madelaine Joy Garcia!

Kaya lang, Estrada ka na nga pala ngayon, so technically, di na applicable sa iyo ang Majoga nickname, and MaJoEs just doesn't make sense. SAD ;c But anyways, kahit ano pa ang surname mo, you'll always be the bestest friend I ever had in college. You were the only person who knows about what I've been through [and currently going through], what I really feel, what are going on in my mind. 

You're like a sister to me, Madie. What I can't share to my biological sister, I share to you. You knew all my secrets back in college and I thank you for keeping them safe. I am also grateful because you keep me sane. You remind me to keep my feet on the ground. You're honest to me and you tell it straight to my face when I'm becoming unreasonable or OA or mukhang pera. Nasabi ko na ito ng paulit-ulit pero, uulitin ko pa rin. Salamat dahil di mo ako iniwan during the lowest, craziest, EMO-est, yuckiest moment of my life. You're always there for me. You support my dreams, you encourage me, you comfort me, you listen to me. You're the most ideal friend one could ever have! At kahit di ako kasing uliran tulad mo bilang isang kaibigan, you still stick with me. Dahil dyan, salamat. I love you so much! :)

Baka di mo alam ang mga ito about yourself, kaya I'm taking this chance to let you know that I admire you. [O, hindi kami lesbians ha? I have a masculine mind, pero I'm definitely straight and I prefer men. LoL. May disclaimer talaga lagi?]

I admire your patience. You're always on time during meet-ups. Everyone knows how bad I am with call times, but you wait for me no matter how long it takes and not a single time did you get mad. You're also patient with my childishness, my kaartehan, my loony stories, and my impossible mood swings. You also patiently wait for things to come in your life. I don't know where you get that patience of yours, but that's something I wish I had.

I admire your simplicity. You're always contented and gracious with what you have. You never wished for something you know you don't deserve. You never opted for things that are over the top. You know what you NEED in life, and you get them in the most modest ways. You were never materialistic and you're unassuming. I wish I were like you so that I won't get too frustrated when I don't get things I WANT.

I admire your heart. You're a good person, Madie, and a lot of people can attest to that. I can attest to that. And because you're awesome, I wish the Universe gives you your heart's desires. I really, really hope that you get what you deserve--a joyous love life with the man destined for you, a successful career you'll love and truly enjoy, and a life of peace and happiness.

Konting panahon na lang at alam kong makakamtan mo rin ang mga yan. But for now, while you're waiting, know that you have me. I may not be as patient or as simple or as kind as you are, but I'll do my best to also support you, encourage you, listen to you, and comfort you. I'm just here, okay? And together, we'll dream, we'll hope, we'll wait, and we'll believe that something good will come into our lives. CHEERS, my friend! Sasapakin kita pag di ka uminom sa birthday celeb mo :)


Alam mo bang parang BANGKO kita? Because I deposit in you not so great things--my secrets, my problems, my happy moments, etc.--yet I get more than what I invested: genuine friendship and a beautiful friend inside and out. Haha. Yuckers, ang baduy. Wala kasi akong maisip na killer ending eh. Hahaha!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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