Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soup-rice, Soup-rice!

Dear Juliet,

This entry's title is a mortal sin for me, who's in a no-rice crash diet at the moment. But what the heck, rice is our staple food and it really makes our favorite viands all the more yummier. This fact is more effectively explained by this video by Mikey Bustos, my newfound stress-buster. I love him! I bugged my mom and sister to watch this video because he is pure awesomeness. Haha! Did you know that "a household without a rice cooker is like Bruno without Mars"? LoL!

And speaking of soup-rices [surprises], one was delivered to me today! It was so cool! See, today, I didn't go to work because I'm sick. So while I was in our veranda, writing my paper and relentlessly making singhot since my sipon won't stop flowing down my nose, a motorcycle passed by in front of our house and the driver tossed something into the gate. My mom went to pick it up and, JA-RAAAAAN!

That's right, you're seeing a post card and my humongous cheeks. Haha. Me fat again.

Clarabelle is so sweet! Now I'm really, really guilty for not being able to keep in touch with my friends who've migrated. I actually have a lot of friends living outside the country now. Two of them are Singaporean Maj and Canadian Clara.
I tried to find post cards, but all we
have at home are these Lufthansa freebies. LoL.

Actually, just a few days agao, I sent Maj a message, telling her how bad I feel for failing to update her with stuff. And today, it feels worse to realize there's a lot of them I've been forgetting to talk to. [Hi Lourdes, Hi Rochelle!] I promise, after this semester, I'll try to catch up, okay? Hopefully, if I'm no longer too busy, I'll be able to send surprises too--not only for my friends abroad, but for friends here as well.

But for now, let me finish my paper first. Rawr! I'm delaying my writing again. If only thesis writing and blogging are the same, I could be done with this requirement by now.

 Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz


  1. AHAHAHA :D ny it's only now that I saw this video! lmao... winner ateng!!! hehehe :D

  2. nets, super funny sya noh? aliw na aliw ako sa tutorials nya. he has more, try mo panoorin if you have time. ehehe! HUGS!


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