Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crush ♥

Dear Juliet,

Mahal ko na yata sya. Haha. Haha. Hahahay!
♥ Hyun Bin ♥

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Dear Juliet,

This is something from the Korean series I am currently watching. Ako na ang Koreanovela freak and I don't care! ;p Hay, love. Why do you have to be so difficult? ;p

Guy: Inside your dreams, why is it such a rough place?
Girl: Because in my dreams, you're there.
Guy: You're not happy with me in your dreams, then?
Girl: Still, come. And tomorrow too. And the day after.
♥ ♥ Secret Garden ♥ ♥

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Dear Juliet,

I did some tweaks on my one-year-old blog and I'm so proud of myself!  YES! Juliet turned one last April 18, and I forgot to mention that. So here, to celebrate her birthday, I finally redesigned my blog. See that overly vain banner? I made that myself. Ha! I kept the other elements (i.e. background, fonts, columns, color theme, etc.) though, since I really like them that way--simple and neat. It's sad, however, that I suck at HTML/CSS codes. I don't know how to retain the white border my photos used to have. Teach me, anyone? Sigh. But anyhow, blog customization-CHECK!

Discombobulations, reflections, and whatnots.
I'm writing this partly because it was Good Friday yesterday, and mostly because I've lately been thinking if my self-improvement plan has been working. (Have you noticed it too? People who are fresh from a heartbreak do self-improvement measures. Perhaps it's an unwritten rule to do so, or it's another way of getting oneself to move on.) Since it has been so long since that moment of depression I had, I've been reflecting: Have I changed and become a better person? I'd like to say YES. But then, NO, I'm not quite sure.

See, I'm no longer the excessively insecure girl that I used to be--always worried what Budang will say about my get-up; always wanting to please Budang with how I look; always worried that my clothes aren't expensive and that Budang might notice; always sad that Budang thinks I'm fat, etc.

I'm more than glad Budang is out of my life. Now, I get to appreciate myself more, fat or not. I'm now free to look however I want and dress this way or that, without worrying that I might not get someone's approval. I am now more confident of myself. "So what if my ensemble is not expensive and branded? At least I bought it WITH MY OWN MONEY." 

Now, I no longer force myself to please everybody. What I think of myself is all that matters. But there's a downside to it. When I'm not minding people's opinions and feelings, I tend to become too indifferent, or worse, I appear as someone na walang pakisama. Yes, I may say, "wala akong paki-alam sa sasabihin ng iba," but still, a part of me wants to make a good impression. That's where the gray area comes in.

Where all this reflecting started
Last Wednesday, a guy was thanking me that I was no longer aloof to him. He was wrong. He had mistaken my gestures and assumed we were already chums tied to the ribs.  

Before, he used to bombard me  with compliments and special attention. I was not comfortable nor interested with the unnecessary flattery, so I distanced myself from him. Plus, I didn't want to give him false hopes by entertaining him and by being closer to him. I don't know, maybe there are just people we meet in life whom we don't really like and get along with; there are people who annoy us even if they're not doing anything wrong. To me, he is one of those people. Sad but true.

Lately, however, I've been coordinating with him because I wanted to surprise a friend for her birthday. Also, we went to a wedding reception where we got drunk together with another friend. Though those were happy times, the fact still remains: I am not comfortable with him. And so when I got that thank-you text, I felt the need to re-establish the space I created. I was worried, though, that  I hurt his feelings with this insensitive reply: "Ndi naman sa aloof. I just value my private space at di ko pnpilit ang sarili kong iplease ang lahat ng tao. Kung di ko feel, di ako magpapanggap ngumiti. Ewan, i'm just moody that way."

After that message, he no longer replied. I guess he took it personally. Somehow, my conscience told me I was being too harsh. He just wants to be my friend and there I was, being too crabby. Sigh. I just didn't want to put myself in an uncomfortable place, you know. If I make friends with him, he'll just continue doing stuff that will surely annoy me and I'll have to endure that. If I don't make friends with him, I become walang pakisama.

Maybe I'm also just stubborn. I already tried so many times to understand where he's coming from and tolerate his annoying antics, but I always end up asking myself, "Why should I tolerate him and make myself uneasy?" And so I'll end up firm with my decision to maintain that distance. Better true than mapagpanggap, di ba? :)

Distance from the world
Apparently, it's not only from him that I have created distance with. Lately, I deliberately don't respond to texts and messages on Facebook. Not that I don't care for or love these people who remember me. It's just that I've been too busy with my coordinating job. Thus, I don't really feel like thinking too much about other things since I'm already fed up with my workload. As my tweet said, "I don't know, but i'm enjoying my current disconnection from the world. less texts and messages, less things to think about. that bad?"

Okay, this entry makes me sound like a sad person; a loner. I AM NOT. I just enjoy being alone sometimes. It makes me think and get to assess myself. 

So here goes my assessment of myself  at the moment: I have changed. (The question of whether the change is good or not does not really matter. I have changed. I have moved on. PERIOD.) I am beautiful; medyo fat, but beautiful pa rin (LoL). I love myself and I am confident with myself. I am single and independent, and I'm enjoying that! I don't feel the need to please everybody. I don't need a man to be happy (at least for now).

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boracay Night 2

Dear Juliet,

Basically, our 2nd night in Boracay was all about eating--eating a lot, that is. This might be the reason why I got sick on Day 2. Let me recall what I ate.

So while my other friends were changing, Tope and I decided to scout for an eat-all-you-can seafood restaurant. And since we were going to walk and walk, I asked that we eat siomai. After a good 45 minutes or so, we finally found this sea-side place that grilled unlimited seafood and other stuff for only Php300. We texted our friends to meet us up there, and then the laffangan commenced.

Starter: hilabos shrimps and some clams I don't know how to call. LoL.
Squid. Liempo and chicken. Longganisa. I loved the longganisa. T'was sweet and perfect with sukang bawang ;p
According to their menu, we were supposed to have buttered garlic shrimps, grilled oyster, clams, grilled squid, liempo and chicken, longganisa, and rice. However, their shrimps were just hilabos. But it was still good. We we're so bloated after our meal. I think I ate too much oysters and clams that night.

Some of our friends stayed to drink. We thought, we were in the perfect place for unlimited pulutan. So why leave? Unfortunately, I forgot to take note of the name of the place. But it's still in Station 1.

While they were drinking, Tope, Dang, and I opted to walk around to satiate our cravings for dessert. We originally wanted Ice Scramble or Crazy Crepes but both were already closed when we arrived at D'mall. We went to this place called RedBean instead. It was filled with Korean peeps mainly because of the FREE International phone calls, I think. Yup! RedBean offers FREE international calls for their customers. I was decided to call my dad in the US but the queue was quite long and it started to rain. That was our cue to return to the hotel.

We had this. A twist on the Filipino Halo-halo. It had beans, coffee-flavored crushed ice, soft ice cream, cornflakes, watermelon, mango, pineapple, banana, and cherries. YUM! as in SUPER YUM!
It was this HUGE.
We got the Couple Ice [left] worth PhP260. Too bad they ran out of blueberries that day.
It was really filling. You can't imagine how bulging my tummy was after this dessert! We rushed out of RedBean and went straight to a groceries store where we bought some libations and chips. We had to participate in the drinking session, of course. But since it was raining, we all agreed to drink at the hotel. There weren't corkage fees. Awesome, right?

We went back to the hotel with these. BORACAY Rum, baby! Cappuccino flavored for PhP95 ;p
We spent the rest of the night with chikkahan galore. It was a great thing that Royal Park Hotel was near Astoria, so we overheard the awesome acoustics sang by their superb male vocalist. We also played with Brenda's SLR. It was so fun!

We only finished one bottle. I got to take home the other bottle. LoL! Marie got kinda drunk [she had three bottles of beer after dinner], so we called it a night when she finished the last drop of the first Boracay Rum bottle ;)

Clockwise: Me, drawing a star, no less. Tope and I conjuring a fireball. Marie with the letter M. And the lovers attempting to create a heart, to no avail. We were wearing our balabals because nights in Bora are COLD. Weird, right? Add to that the fact that it rained during the two nights we were there.

For our second day, we achieved Beach and Booze in Bora. Ze Boys didn't really come our way, but who cares? We had tons of FUN anyway!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tangled (2010)

Dear Juliet,

I've been watching Tangled over and over, and so far, I have not gotten tired of it. If you're a movie watcher who over-thinks things, of course, the story line won't make sense. But for me who's dense and child-like, I loved it to bits! I appreciated the 24-hour love story of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert. Plus, I gotta say, Flynn is sooo HOT! He is by far the handsomest Disney character for me. Tee-hee ;)

Tangled also got a fine sound track. This song during the lantern scene is my favorite. It's called I See the Light. Check out the male part. I'd love a guy to sing that to me.

Male part: 
All those days chasing down a daydream
All those years living in a blur
All that time never truly seeing
Things, the way they were

Now she's here shining in the starlight
Now she's here, suddenly I know
If she's here it's crystal clear
I'm where I'm meant to go

And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boracay Day 1

Dear Juliet,

Our first day in Bora is EPIC!

We all agreed to wake up early in order to experience as much awesomeness as possible on that day. Since my mom wasn’t with me, I asked my friends not to give up on waking me up. I have to thank Tope for doing a great job of getting me to my toes early in the morning. Good job!

Part of the package we paid for at the Royal Park Hotel were the free meals. [The accommodation was inclusive of 2 meals per day—breakfast and lunch/dinner.] On their bfast menu were longganisa, (1) scrambled eggs, rice; (2) corned beef, scrambled eggs, rice; and (3) bacon, scrambled eggs, toasts. My choice was a no brainer—BACON! The food was great, at least for me. But all of us really raved about the marmalade. It was perfect for our toasts! I’m realizing this just now, but I have to say, our breakfast literally started the awesomeness of this day!

I have to say, I can eat this breakfast every single day of my life! They served fruits with their meals. The melon was yum!
After loading up our stomachs, we had enough energy and headed off for our first activity: helmet diving [sometimes called reef walking]. Brenda, the lovers [who were celebrating their first anniversary, by the way], and I went to try this underwater adventure.

Before diving.
This is me making faces, still feeling good about the activity.
Helmet diving was one thing I looked forward to for this trip. At first, I was doing so well, until the water level in my helmet rose. I guess there was something wrong with the way I held on to my helmet. During the crash course, we were particularly warned by our instructor not to bend our bodies or tilt the helmet. But being the paranoid that I was, I held on to my helmet tightly at an angle and caused more water to come in. After posing for several pictures, I asked the diver to resurface me when I started to panic.

Water level started to scare me at this point.
And then, I'm gone and it's just the three of them down there.
Though this activity caused me some discomfort, I can’t say it wasn’t worth it. It’s still something to look forward to when visiting Boracay. Note, however, that this activity is not for the soft-hearted and the claustrophobics. Haha! ;p Helmet diving is worth PhP400 per pax and is inclusive of a CD of photos and videos.

Our second activity is the SHIZNIT! All six of us went to check FLYFISH out. This water adventure definitely makes Banana Boat a lame ride. At first, I didn’t know what Flyfish was, but as soon as our speed boat took off, I realized it’s going to be one hell of a ride! 

That inflated thing at the back is the Flyfish.

Prepping up for the ride.

The rush, the speed, and the excitement—they got me and my friends crazy! So we were holding on to our straps like it’s the end of the world, right? But then with just one turn of the speed boat, our Flyfish rapidly glides to the air, and the next thing we know, some of our friends already fell to the sea.

While we were “recovering” our friends from the water, a thought popped out of my head, “Manong speed boat driver must have expert Physics computations skills: boat speed times weight of six passengers divided by buoyancy times wind velocity divided by the square root of the surface area of the water raised to the maximum level equals an EXHILIRATING RIDE!” Hehe. Talented si Kuya speed boat driver! ;p

Flyfish in action part 1: We don't have photos of ourselves during the ride, but here's how it works. The thing is, the six of us were seated on those three vertical bars. Photo credit here.
I also got to experience being tossed out of the Flyfish. I was holding on to my dear life and screaming like a lunatic when I felt my body falling to the water [I was on the left side of the Flyfish]. I tried to cling on some more but then the water current was just too strong and fighting it off will just cost me my board shorts and panty. I let go of my strap and felt the water slapping my face. It. Was. Such. An. Extreme. RUSH! The first things I checked were my shorts and panty. Akala ko, nahubad na because of the strong pull of the water. Funnily, my friends did the same thing too.

Getting back on the ride was quite difficult. At first, they didn’t notice me falling off. They were still shouting their hearts out and the boat was still in full speed when I fell in the water. So, I waited for the speed boat to stop and go back for me. My guy friends pulled me out of the water and on we went for the final round.

Flyfish in action part 2: OMG! It actually flies! But no, this isn't us. I don't think Boracay authorities will allow such extremeness considering hearsays that certain banana boat mishaps caused the prohibition of too extreme water adventures. Photo credit here.
Our ride turned out to be a survival of the fittest competition. Four of us experienced falling off. Two of our friends just didn’t want to fall off and so, they were the winners. Haha. We have our life vests to thank and manong speed boat driver for giving us an EPIC 15-minute Flyfish ride of our lives! Flyfish is worth PhP500 per pax.

Us, after the ride. One person is missing--nahulog si Hiro sa dagat at di sinama pabalik. Haha!
Now with the uber tired Hiro.
Then came lunchtime. We badly needed to recharge for the rest of the day. Flyfish sure did drain our energy. We had the same menu for lunch: shrimp in oyster sauce, tempura, ground beef and ampalaya, squid, and steamed fish. I opted for the shrimp in oyster sauce.

I cleaned up after the meal and then off we [Tope, Dang, and Marie] went to try Jonah’s Shakes. The lovebirds chose to stay in the hotel to “rest.”

According to Tope and Brenda who’ve been to Bora before, Jonah’s is a must-try when in Boracay. It is perfect to play off the summer heat. I ordered the melon mango shake while my friends had peanut in their drinks. I thought peanuts combined with fruit flavors is weird, so I stuck with what I think is safe for my taste buds.

Melon Mango Shake [PhP110] and my hat [PhP150].
Then, we shopped for pasalubong at D’mall, went back to the hotel to take a short nap, and finally met with the couple for our final water activity for the day: Paraw Sailing. For this particular activity, I bought Bonamin to fight my motion sickness. [I noticed I became dizzy in the raft while waiting for my friends to finish their helmet diving session, and when the speed boat during Flyfish was not in motion.] Successfully, I didn’t get motion sickness at all during Paraw Sailing.

A "parked" Paraw sailboat. Reminds me of the movie Charlie St. Cloud.
Tope, Me, and Dang.
Paraw sailing is generally a “chill” activity. You stay in the “katig” of the Bangka while it sails through the long stretch of beaches in Boracay. You get to enjoy the view, the cool breeze, the serenity of the sea, and the company of your friends in this activity. The boat rent was PhP600, so that was a cheap PhP100 per pax.

When we returned to the hotel, it was already dark and we were ready for dinner. But of course, just like any other trip, we took the chance to take the classic JUMP SHOTS.

Beautiful sunset
Si Shaine na ang kuma-karate kick ;p
I decided to change my official "travel shot." Everybody does the cartwheel na eh. To be different, hello HEEL-CLICKING! Haha!
We're so glad we were able to achieve FUN, WILD, CHILL, and a whole lot of AWESOMENESS all in one day. Bora day 1 is the bestest!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boracay Night 1

Dear Juliet,

It is SUMMER! ♥ 

I purposefully didn't take summer classes so I can easily slip summer getaways in my work sked. For my first getaway of the year, my HS buddies and I visited BORACAY. To start this entry, let me segue this quote from Lourd de Veyra:
"BORA" – Ugly, lazy contraction of that noisy, overcrowded island with uglier reggae music and Starbucks. Takes on more emasculating levels when the "R" is not rolled [source here].
LoL. I just had to include that in this post. See? That's one word that REAL men shouldn't use, according to "the" Lourd. But since I'm not a man, I have girly rights to use "Bora" in this blog entry ;p Okay. Bora is indeed noisy and overcrowded, but still, we can't deny the fact that it is a beautiful place, minus the noise and the "ugly reggae music." Agree?

The cast
Yours truly, Tope, Shaine and boyfie Hiro, Brenda, and Loveboat Marilee.

The Trip
Our flights were scheduled at 4:30 p.m., but no thanks to our trusty airline [ZestAir], we were delayed for an hour. At 6:45, we landed at Caticlan Airport.

Our transportation from the airport to the hotel was handled by Royal Park Hotel, which is generally a great hotel. We only paid PhP400 for our back-and-forth transpo. Our quad-sharing room was relatively cheap at PhP8,200 so we only shelled out PhP2k each for our 3d2n stay.

A coaster bound to the jetty port was waiting for us at the airport. It's interesting to note that the family of Haji Alejandro was in the same coaster [and plane] as my group. We think the son, Ali, iz gwapo, but he's with a girl with though.

ZestAir = Delayed Flights. Turbulence. Major fail.
Marie and Ali Alejandro
The coaster arrived at the jetty port at past 9. We waited for a friend whose flight was later than ours so we boarded the last motor boat trip which should bring us to the island at past 10, I think.  We paid P125 before boarding the boat--P75 for the environmental fee and P50 for the terminal fee.

We arrived at Royal Park Hotel via hotel cart at 10:30. We had a grand entrance, I'm telling you, with all the people's attention turned at us when our cart arrived. I almost waved my hands to them, but well, that's too immodest. LoL!

We were immediately served dinner by the hotel staff. The food was not bad, not really stunningly scrumptious, just not bad. I shared viands with my friends, so I got to taste their shrimps in oyster sauce, tempura, steamed fish, and grilled squid.

After dinner, we prepped for some night life. We decided to grab libations at Guilly's Island despite the thick crowd. Some RX Monster Radio DJs were there! That explains the rocking music and hence, the throngs of youth! For some time, we stayed inside to dance and drink, but we weren't able to handle the heat and the partying kids. We went out and resolved to sitting on the cool sand, enjoying the music, chatting about certain things, and just drinking... until it rained. That's when we decided to go back to the hotel to rest.

I tried Red Horse for the frist time and appreciated it. It's not too bitter compared with San Mig. So from here on, it's gonna be Red Horse, op cors! ;p

I took this picture of two RX Djs--DJ Tom Alvarez and DJ McCoy and right after, Tom Alvarez smiled and waved at me. One. Major. Kilig. Moment. Haha! Gino Quillamore was there too. Handsome!

*Photo credits to Brenda. I love your SLR! ;)

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz