Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boracay Night 1

Dear Juliet,

It is SUMMER! ♥ 

I purposefully didn't take summer classes so I can easily slip summer getaways in my work sked. For my first getaway of the year, my HS buddies and I visited BORACAY. To start this entry, let me segue this quote from Lourd de Veyra:
"BORA" – Ugly, lazy contraction of that noisy, overcrowded island with uglier reggae music and Starbucks. Takes on more emasculating levels when the "R" is not rolled [source here].
LoL. I just had to include that in this post. See? That's one word that REAL men shouldn't use, according to "the" Lourd. But since I'm not a man, I have girly rights to use "Bora" in this blog entry ;p Okay. Bora is indeed noisy and overcrowded, but still, we can't deny the fact that it is a beautiful place, minus the noise and the "ugly reggae music." Agree?

The cast
Yours truly, Tope, Shaine and boyfie Hiro, Brenda, and Loveboat Marilee.

The Trip
Our flights were scheduled at 4:30 p.m., but no thanks to our trusty airline [ZestAir], we were delayed for an hour. At 6:45, we landed at Caticlan Airport.

Our transportation from the airport to the hotel was handled by Royal Park Hotel, which is generally a great hotel. We only paid PhP400 for our back-and-forth transpo. Our quad-sharing room was relatively cheap at PhP8,200 so we only shelled out PhP2k each for our 3d2n stay.

A coaster bound to the jetty port was waiting for us at the airport. It's interesting to note that the family of Haji Alejandro was in the same coaster [and plane] as my group. We think the son, Ali, iz gwapo, but he's with a girl with though.

ZestAir = Delayed Flights. Turbulence. Major fail.
Marie and Ali Alejandro
The coaster arrived at the jetty port at past 9. We waited for a friend whose flight was later than ours so we boarded the last motor boat trip which should bring us to the island at past 10, I think.  We paid P125 before boarding the boat--P75 for the environmental fee and P50 for the terminal fee.

We arrived at Royal Park Hotel via hotel cart at 10:30. We had a grand entrance, I'm telling you, with all the people's attention turned at us when our cart arrived. I almost waved my hands to them, but well, that's too immodest. LoL!

We were immediately served dinner by the hotel staff. The food was not bad, not really stunningly scrumptious, just not bad. I shared viands with my friends, so I got to taste their shrimps in oyster sauce, tempura, steamed fish, and grilled squid.

After dinner, we prepped for some night life. We decided to grab libations at Guilly's Island despite the thick crowd. Some RX Monster Radio DJs were there! That explains the rocking music and hence, the throngs of youth! For some time, we stayed inside to dance and drink, but we weren't able to handle the heat and the partying kids. We went out and resolved to sitting on the cool sand, enjoying the music, chatting about certain things, and just drinking... until it rained. That's when we decided to go back to the hotel to rest.

I tried Red Horse for the frist time and appreciated it. It's not too bitter compared with San Mig. So from here on, it's gonna be Red Horse, op cors! ;p

I took this picture of two RX Djs--DJ Tom Alvarez and DJ McCoy and right after, Tom Alvarez smiled and waved at me. One. Major. Kilig. Moment. Haha! Gino Quillamore was there too. Handsome!

*Photo credits to Brenda. I love your SLR! ;)

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz


  1. WOW ny! You were there during the RX summer party!? wow ^_^ haaaay... till now i'm still major-ly inggit! huhuhu...

  2. Nets! I'm not sure if this is THE RX Summer Party because not all the DJs are there. Hehe! But though 3 lang sila, they rocked the place. hehe! Sana talaga andun ka with us. But we'll have fun some other time, maski di sa boracay ;) HUGS!

  3. Yeah, maybe Bora is noisy and overcrowded but it is because lots of vacationers spend their vacation to this place. It means that this island is really spectacular, that you can see many travellers who love being on the island.

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