Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boracay Night 2

Dear Juliet,

Basically, our 2nd night in Boracay was all about eating--eating a lot, that is. This might be the reason why I got sick on Day 2. Let me recall what I ate.

So while my other friends were changing, Tope and I decided to scout for an eat-all-you-can seafood restaurant. And since we were going to walk and walk, I asked that we eat siomai. After a good 45 minutes or so, we finally found this sea-side place that grilled unlimited seafood and other stuff for only Php300. We texted our friends to meet us up there, and then the laffangan commenced.

Starter: hilabos shrimps and some clams I don't know how to call. LoL.
Squid. Liempo and chicken. Longganisa. I loved the longganisa. T'was sweet and perfect with sukang bawang ;p
According to their menu, we were supposed to have buttered garlic shrimps, grilled oyster, clams, grilled squid, liempo and chicken, longganisa, and rice. However, their shrimps were just hilabos. But it was still good. We we're so bloated after our meal. I think I ate too much oysters and clams that night.

Some of our friends stayed to drink. We thought, we were in the perfect place for unlimited pulutan. So why leave? Unfortunately, I forgot to take note of the name of the place. But it's still in Station 1.

While they were drinking, Tope, Dang, and I opted to walk around to satiate our cravings for dessert. We originally wanted Ice Scramble or Crazy Crepes but both were already closed when we arrived at D'mall. We went to this place called RedBean instead. It was filled with Korean peeps mainly because of the FREE International phone calls, I think. Yup! RedBean offers FREE international calls for their customers. I was decided to call my dad in the US but the queue was quite long and it started to rain. That was our cue to return to the hotel.

We had this. A twist on the Filipino Halo-halo. It had beans, coffee-flavored crushed ice, soft ice cream, cornflakes, watermelon, mango, pineapple, banana, and cherries. YUM! as in SUPER YUM!
It was this HUGE.
We got the Couple Ice [left] worth PhP260. Too bad they ran out of blueberries that day.
It was really filling. You can't imagine how bulging my tummy was after this dessert! We rushed out of RedBean and went straight to a groceries store where we bought some libations and chips. We had to participate in the drinking session, of course. But since it was raining, we all agreed to drink at the hotel. There weren't corkage fees. Awesome, right?

We went back to the hotel with these. BORACAY Rum, baby! Cappuccino flavored for PhP95 ;p
We spent the rest of the night with chikkahan galore. It was a great thing that Royal Park Hotel was near Astoria, so we overheard the awesome acoustics sang by their superb male vocalist. We also played with Brenda's SLR. It was so fun!

We only finished one bottle. I got to take home the other bottle. LoL! Marie got kinda drunk [she had three bottles of beer after dinner], so we called it a night when she finished the last drop of the first Boracay Rum bottle ;)

Clockwise: Me, drawing a star, no less. Tope and I conjuring a fireball. Marie with the letter M. And the lovers attempting to create a heart, to no avail. We were wearing our balabals because nights in Bora are COLD. Weird, right? Add to that the fact that it rained during the two nights we were there.

For our second day, we achieved Beach and Booze in Bora. Ze Boys didn't really come our way, but who cares? We had tons of FUN anyway!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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