Sunday, May 29, 2011

Calaguas-Bagasbas: Wagas na Wagas [Day 2]

Dear Juliet,

We woke up to a rainy morning in Calaguas. Water dripping inside our tent kinda woke me up. Plus, our company were up and about, making breakfast; thus, the concomitant noise.
Maximizing our final hours in the island, we went swimming, had breakfast [ham and eggs], shot lotsa pictures, and took the time to enjoy the view. I also tried to improvise so that we can have underwater pictures. Take a look, take a look! ;p
Early in the morning ♥ Had to "censor" my sister's butt ;p
Imagine waking up to this view every day. I bet it's a good morning every morning.
For these underwater shots, I placed my camera inside a ziplock and it worked! ;p
Wala pong dugong sa Calaguas, dear readers. Ako po yan. Dahil walang goggles/ snorkeling gear, nagkaganyan ang aking mukha. Haha. Remarkable yung ilong ko! Di marunong pumroject underwater eh ;p
All our bags are packed, ready to go ;)
While waiting for our tour coordinators to clear the site, Megs and I took more photos--of myself. Haha. VAIN much? ;p We found a little star fish! So cute ;)
During travels, I make sure to get my sister and myself a souvenir shirt. The problem in Calaguas, however, is that there are no malls nor an Island Souvenir stall, for that matter. When we heard that there are souvenir shirts sold at the lone sari-sari store in the island, we checked it out. But it turns out they only had Large sized shirts whose designs were not so impressive. So we scratched buying souvenir shirts out of the plan.

Then, when all left Calaguas, satisfied. One day is enough to enjoy nature's beauty. In that one day of stay, I appreciated my life in the city more. If we were to stay there for another 24 hours, I might have gone crazy. A life in a desolate island is very different; it is ultramega difficult! There is no signal--I can't update my tweeter status or text my mom that we're fine and enjoying so much. There is no electricity--I can't charge my drained cellphone battery, or go online, or watch TV, or even listen to the radio. There are no sturdy infrastructures--what will happen if a typhoon comes up? Our guides said that during the typhoon Bebeng, waves were 9 feet tall and they had nowhere to stay, just their tents. And lastly, there is no decent comfort room--you share it with 30 other people on the island. When Madie and I refused to go wee-wee in the talahiban, we endured the effing kadiri smell of vomit in the shared CR. TRAUMATIC!

The two-hour boat ride this time was boring. Since we already saw the scenery, it was no longer as amazing as the first time. Most of our company managed to sleep despite the cramped space and the noisy engine of the motorboat.
Para-paraan, makatulog lang ;p
Before heading to Bagasbas beach, we had lunch at this place called Ksarap. They served good food and the ambiance was great for the summer. Their service, however, was unsatisfactory. We waited so long to have our orders served. On top of that, they served us the wrong order, thus making our waiting time longer. But in all fairness, their buko sherbet was the WINNER!

The Bagasbas beach boasts of waves perfect for surfing. The hourly rate for a surfboard rent is 200Php. You may opt to get an instructor [plus surfboard] at 400Php per hour. We weren't really up for surfing so we just enjoyed the waves and took happy shots. Hindi mapagkaka-ila na ako ang pinakamasaya sa araw na ito. I have to say, I HAVE THE WEIRDEST FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ON DAY 2!
Sister love! ♥
Wooohh! Love the waves! ;)
This is the facial expression I'm talking about. Wanna laugh? Click the pic to zoom in ;p
Wacky shot with best pal, Madelaine; Group picture!
How sweet! ♥
Super sweet na sweet. Dez: Ibalik mo sa akin yang chewing gum ko!
Photo op with our guides, RU and Jerome.
My dad's family is from Bicol and Samar. Though I haven't gone to his place and met all our relatives, at least I got to have a taste of Bicol. This experience is definitely one for the books! Ang daming natupad sa aking wishlist! Love it.

Next stop: Boracay [again] in August. Wuhoo!

Photos are from my camera, Raffy; Shelly's camera, Roger; Klaris' super camera, Nova; and Madie's camera, unnamed.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Thursday, May 26, 2011

THE Kick-ass Calaguas [Day 1]

Dear Juliet,

First things first. Let me thank the money bathalas for making this trip possible for me and my sister. Mula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso, maraming salamat sa inyo, mga butihing bathala!
Cartwheeling and heel-clicking me, during sunset. Conquering CALAGUAS! ♥
While Madie was all worried and panicky about this trip's impending cancellation, I was indifferent. "Que sera sera," I told her. During those times, I was hoping the trip wouldn't push through because I'm dead broke. But then luckily, I found a way to make make money. Finally, though three has already backed out, the five of us were set to experience "the" kick-ass Calaguas!
The cast: Madie, Klaris, Meagan, Shelly, and moi
On the night of May 20 [Friday], my sister and I hurriedly headed to Megamall where Madie, her family, and Klaris were already waiting. Awa ng Diyos, napaka-init na ng ulo ni Daddy pagdating namin. Sorry na po. Daddy drove us to Shell McKinley where the tour coordinators and rest of our group were waiting.

The sulit-na-sulit tour package we availed from Paranas Tours was worth P2850. It was inclusive of:
  • Land transportation [from Shell McKinley to Vinzons, Camarines Norte and back]. The van is good for 13 people. Since we were just 5, we had company--the group of Shelly's HS friend, Joyce.
  • Boat rides [from Vinzons to Calaguas and back].
  • Side trip to Bagasbas, where it is perfect to go surfing 
  • Three YUM meals
  • Drinking water
  • Tents
May pag-plug talaga, di ba? That's because I'm really satisfied with their services. Our tour guides really took care of us. They made sure we had everything we needed for this trip. Because of them, our trip was oh so OHsome!

So after what seemed like eternity more or less nine whopping hours of travel by land, we reached Daet, Camarines Norte in the beautiful region of BICOLANDIA. It was May 21 [Saturday], the so-called end of the world.
Clockwise: The town of Daet. My Calaguas buddies in front of our jam-packed van. Madie @Jbee Daet. Mogs, She, and me.
We had breakfast in Jollibee and then, off we went to the port at Vinzons. The two-hour boat ride to Calaguas would've been really boring if not for the breath-taking view. Here are some photos of things you'll see along the seaway.
Clockwise: The port at Vinzons. Galing nila magdrive ng bangka! Some mountain. The trippers. See the white sand? Kuya Ken; behind that island is where we went.
And at last, we reached the island. In my mind, I thought: it must really be the end of the world; we're already in heaven! Ah, white sand! Ah, lush greens! Ah, clear waters! Ah, blue skies! I was overwhelmed by all the amazing things I was seeing and it was only 11 in the morning!
As soon as we found the perfect camp site, our tour guides set up the tents for us. I was amazed that the other guys with us were equipped with their own tents. They're really experienced travelers. How I wish I could be like them. If I only earn a lot like them... *big sigh*
The green ones are the tents of the five of us
While waiting for lunch to be served, we didn't have anything to do. And so, we decided to take a dip in the clear waters. Though it was scorching hot, kebs na sa pangingitim. After all, the tents were ovens and the least we want is be baked in Calaguas. Ladies and gents, without further adieu, may I present myself and my fellow trippers in our swim wear. LoL!
The mandatory jump shot.
The tampisaw-sa-tubig shot.
The mag-emote like it's the end of the world shots [pun intended].
The shot of the person responsible for the fab shots above. Ang paboritong apo, si Karen. ;p
After swimming, lunch wasn't ready yet, so I offered them my favorite San Marino Tuna Paella. It took the coordinators a while to prepare the food. But when it was served, it was really filling. For lunch, they prepared fish sinigang, adobong pusit, and kinilaw/kilawin. Too bad I wasn't able to try the kinilaw. But I must say, nakakagana talaga kumain sa tabing dagat. Ingat lang. With all the sand around, it's a guarantee, you'll be having Calaguas crunchy rice if you're not careful enough. [Sorry, no pictures during lunch. We were all too famished to take pictures.]

In a remote island like Calaguas, don't expect food to be served in a silver platter. No, there weren't silver platters, only bandehados of rice and kalde-kalderong ulams. You have to be a cowboy, man. Bawal mag-inarte. You will be asked to bring your own paper plates. Since we were sosyal, ours were plastic picnic plates. Haha.

Again, we had nothing left to do after washing the picnic plates we used during lunch. So, we looked for a perfect place to stay and decided to play cards! A trip with these girls won't be complete without a game of PUSOY DOS. Maski saan, maski kailan, basta may baraha, gora! And if you may ask who wins all the time, ehem, di naman sa pagmamayabang, but you're already reading her blog ;p
This was our spot. Just perfect.
Shelly's MINI cards! In fairness to Madie, she plays pusoy dos lika a pro na, LoL. I also got to play the guitar: sandali na lang, maaari bang pagbigayan.
Despite the heat, we managed to take a nap when we got tired of playing cards. We woke up at around five, just in time for sunset. We also got the chance to play beach volleyball! It was so fun! Megs and I had this team mate who plays like a pro. Ang galing! I'm just really thrilled that I got to play the sport I loved so much when I was in high school. I remember my jersey number back then was 3! Haha. I miss volleyball so much!
 Don't you just love sunsets? ;)
The "heated" game, literally and figuratively.
We all agreed to end the game when it started to get dark. We all went back to base, washed off sand from our bodies by swimming for a while, made banlaw in the poso [konyo much, teh?], and prepared for dinner. I found it funny that my sister and I were in our pajamas in the beach, on a camping.

Then, it was dinner time! I have to give it to the tour coordinators and to whoever the cook was. Dinner was really, really delish! We had binagoongang/ginataang sitaw and liempo--the best combination for a beach dinner! For this meal, I didn't use my utensils. I enjoyed my liempo to its last cholesterol. Super sarap! Haha. Promise! [Again, no pictures of the food, sorry.]
Headlamps are genius! It was way easier to do things in the dark with this. I actually felt like Gru's minion wearing this. Sayang, di ako naka-yellow ;p
After dinner, we wandered off the sea shore. Klaris brought her trusty SLR and there, the kodakan moments commenced. This time, we had better and fresh ideas other than the uber laos jump shot.
Picture muna with our midnight snacks.
Wacky naman. Bagong-bagong photo idea. NOT ;p
Playing with lights. Haha. I insisted that we form my name. Haha.
This was supposed to be a horror shot; I don't know what happened.
Emote photos. Thank you, flashlights ;p
Well, well. Look do we have here. LoL! A photogenic crab ;)
Ang padakip, paglilitis, at pagbitay kay Baby Madie ;p best actress lang ang atey namin ;)
Before sleeping, we socialized with Joyce's group and with our tour guides over Tanduay Ice. They were really cool! The tour guides were beckies while Joyce's group were so camping-ready. They had hotdogs to grill. They kept bugging our guides to make a bonfire so they could cook. Hehe. When the campfire was made, it was a nice scene to look at, especially because the moon was full.
Hotdogs ;)
Then, it was time to sleep. We crept to our respective tents and dozed off. It was kinda difficult to sleep at such a cramped space, but you know me. I'm a sleepyhead who could sleep in whatever conditions. Hehe.
Natupad na ang pangarap kong makatulog sa tent. Yehey! That's number 25 on my bucket list! ;)
I ended the day thankful because (1) the world did not end, (2) I'm in a beautiful place with my sister and friends, (3) I got to experience new things and meet new people, (4) I know I'm going to wake up to an amazing sight the next day.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is ENOUGH?

Dear Juliet,

I cried during this part of the movie, Love and Other Drugs. Read Jamie Randall's line.

I'm full of shit, okay? No, I'm... I'm knowingly full of shit. Because, uh... because uh, uh... I have... I have never cared about anybody or anything in my entire life. And the thing is, everybody just kind of accepted that. Like, "That's just Jamie." And then you! Jesus. You. You. You didn't see me that way. I have never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough. UNTIL I MET YOU. And then you made me believe it, too.
Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Traydor ang Emperador!

Dear Juliet,

Some time in our lives, we forget to be responsible, we drink a little too much, we pass out, we learn who really cares for us, and lastly, we suffer (in the form of a hangover) for our wrongdoing.

For the first time in my life, i passed out. Em-bar-ras-sing! 

All the while, i thought i was a responsible drinker. I never allowed myself to get too drunk because I never wanted to be knocked down in public. The least i want is to be a shameful spectacle before others. But last Saturday night, my worst alcohol experience happened. And i wasn't even heart broken! This experience outweighed my Gumbo drinking drama.

So it was the town fiesta at our CEO's place in Mojon, Liliw, Laguna. Since I've been part of their company, I've never missed one fiesta. We go to their place every year to join the festivities. Last Saturday was my third visit and it was the eve of the fiesta. We participated in the fun run in the morning, and in the parade in the evening. I'm telling you, that has got to be the longest, most tiring walk of my life! We also got kinda tired from our trip to Liliw for some sandals/slippers shopping.

Fast forward to Saturday evening: My office mates and I began the drinking session with videoke on the side. We had lambanog, Alfonso brandy, and Emperador Light brandy. I knew I had too much to drink, but I was still thinking straight. Though my vision was messed up, i knew what was happening around me and i wasn't dizzy. One sign that I'm too drunk and that it's time to stop drinking is when my lips and some other parts of my body go numb. But no, I was perfectly fine that night. Sobrang traydor talaga ang Emperador.

When there were only a few of us left, our boss [CEO's son] initiated a "drinking game" in which i participated. I was losing the game, but it was alright. Everything was doing great. Until i woke up, flabbergasted and wondering how the hell i'm back to our room when my last memory is that of my boss pouring me consecutive "penalty shots" because I lost in his stupid game. LoL.

When I woke up, that was when I learned that I passed out. Good thing, my knights-in-shining-armor aka office mates carried me back to the place we were staying. I can't imagine how Sir Eric did it. I. AM. SO. HEAVY. Plus, I've heard that when a person is unconscious, he/she gets heavier. So wow, I must have given him rheumatic joints after.

I did some more thinking and I realized that I wasn't in my clothes last night; I was no longer wearing a bra! Someone changed my clothes for me! At first, they were teasing me that a guy office mate did it. *insert loud screams of humiliation from me and boisterous guffaws from my naughty office mates* But I know my office mates won't do that to me. They said I vomited and dirtied my clothes. I was not responsive and totally knocked out, that was why the "motherly" office mates had to change my clothes.

I swear, I can't remember a thing after my penalty shots. According to my office mates' accounts of that night, i sat down, hugging the pole beside me. They were talking to me, but I wasn't very responsive. When I hurled, that was when they got me inside Mr. Andrei's house to lay me down on his sofa. [They introduced me to Mr. Andrei earlier that night, by the way. LoL! Talk about first impressions. FAIL!] Then I puked again. That was when they decided to take me home to our CEO's house.

I'm telling you. What happened was BAYANIHAN at its finest! Sir Eric carried me to the van. Sir Edgar drove. Sir Ton and Sir Joel looked after me inside the van. Sir Regis and Ms Anna took turns wiping my vomit-clad body. Ms Anna and Maam Letty changed my clothes for me. And the rest showed genuine concern. It was touching! ♥ This is why i love being in this company, with their company!

Come Sunday, I slept and puked alternately the whole day. Worst hangover ever!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dreams [Part 2]

Dear Juliet,

I have this habit of watching movies / TV series that I like over and over again. So for the nth time, I watched Tangled and wanted to share this.

Rapunzel: I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?

Flynn Rider: It will be.

Rapunzel: And what if it is? What do I do then?

Flynn Rider: Well,that’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.
 Keep dreaming, everyone! ♥ 

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ayaw mo, Ayaw ko. Ayaw nating lahat.

Dear Juliet,

Siguro ito talaga ang malaking problema sa pagkatao ko. Siguro nga sobrang choosy ako kaya wala pa rin akong napupusuan ngayon. E kasi naman, ayaw ko sa lalaking pumipilantik ang daliri. Ayaw ko sa nagpapa-spa at nagpapalagay ng MERTHIOLATE sa mga kuko upang maging pink ang mga ito. Ayaw ko sa mukhang bading. Ayaw ko sa babading-bading. Ayaw ko sa nagfrat na nga at naging grand master, mukha pa ring bading. Ayaw ko sa mahilig mag skinny jeans na mas tight fitting pa kaysa sa skinny jeans ko kaya mukha tuloy bading. Ayaw ko sa mahilig magpost ng bading tweets and statuses (i.e. "I ♥ caramel macchiato."; "I la-la-luuurrve caramel macchiato."; or worst, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She who claims she's beautiful is a shape shifter eklorvat.")

Ayaw ko sa mukhang tatay pero single pa rin pala. Ayaw ko sa social climber. Ayaw ko sa madaya. Ayaw ko sa sinungaling. Ayaw ko sa walang utang na loob. Ayaw ko sa garapal. Ayaw ko sa manloloko. Ayaw ko sa selfish. Ayaw ko sa self-centered. Ayaw ko sa mahilig magshopping. Ayaw ko sa daig pa ang babae kung mag-inarte. 

Ayaw ko sa pacute. Ayaw ko sa makulit. Ayaw ko sa maarte. Ayaw ko sa mababaw. Ayaw ko sa may asawa. Ayaw ko sa nakakabwisit. Ayaw ko sa childish. Ayaw ko sa mukhang desperado. Ayaw ko sa papansin. Ayaw ko sa may lisp.

Ayaw ko sa sobrang mayaman. Ayaw ko sa sobrang mahirap. Ayaw ko sa sobrang matalino. Ayaw ko sa sobrang bobo. Ayaw ko sa sobrang mabait. Ayaw ko sa sobrang salbahe. Ayaw ko sa sobrang maporma. Ayaw ko sa sobrang baduy. Ayaw ko sa shallow mag-isip. Ayaw ko sa sobrang malalim mag-isip. Ayaw ko sa sobrang taba. Ayaw ko sa sobrang payat. Ayaw ko sa sobrang gwapo. Ayaw ko sa sobrang pangit. Ayaw ko sa sobrang galing mag-English. Ayaw ko sa hindi marunong mag-English. Ayaw ko sa summa cum laude. Ayaw ko sa dropout. Ayaw ko sa sobrang maputi. Ayaw ko sa sobrang maitim. Ayaw ko sa sobrang bata. Ayaw ko sa sobrang matanda. Ayaw ko sa over confident. Ayaw ko sa insecure. Ayaw ko sa paki-alamero. Ayaw ko sa walang paki-alam. So pano na? Napaka-ironic lang talaga.

Ayaw ko sa invasive. Ayaw ko sa drug addict. Ayaw ko sa smoker. Ayaw ko sa emo at madrama. Ayaw ko sa vain. Ayaw ko sa may eyeliner. Ayaw ko sa corny. Ayaw ko sa know-it-all. Ayaw ko sa mayabang. Ayaw ko sa may anak na. Ayaw ko sa jologs. Ayaw ko sa panot. Ayaw ko sa paki-alamero. Ayaw ko sa materialistic. Ayaw ko sa gold digger. Ayaw ko sa mapagpanggap. Ayaw ko sa feeling perpekto. Ayaw ko sa demanding. Ayaw ko sa insensitive. Ayaw ko sa bastos. Ayaw ko sa sobrang malibog. Ayaw ko sa walang paninindigan. Ayaw ko sa walang direksyon ang buhay. Ayaw ko sa walang plano sa buhay. Ayaw ko sa walang magawa sa buhay. At lalong lalong ayaw ko sa wala nang buhay.

Ang dami kong ayaw, noh? My list goes on, actually. Pero hindi ko talaga masabi kung ano ang gusto ko. Ang dami kong ayaw at alam kong sapat na ito para AYAWan din nila ako. Hindi na ako magtataka kung sa bandang huli, sa buhay ay magiging mag-isa lang ako.

Haha. Gumaganon? ;p

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boracay Day 2

Dear Juliet,

I'm kinda half-hearted as I write this entry. Well, my second day in Boracay isn't really as fab as expected and writing about it is half humiliating, half kadiri. Why? Because on the second day, I was SICK in Boracay. And when I say sick, I was really vomiting-and-pooping-like-hell SICK. But before I go over the gory details about my being sick, there was a part of the day when I felt fine.

As usual, Tope woke me up early. We had to maximize our final hours in Boracay. We ate our last breakfast from the Royal Park Hotel first, then, off we went to the famous Grotto.

Tope and I came there first, since my other friends were still preparing. We took pictures, struggled to take pictures together since we didn't have a tripod, and created sand artworks. You're gonna be impressed with my drawing skills, I'm telling you. Just look at the pictures! :)

Picture-an ang natutulog upang magising. Nice, Tope.
On our way to the Grotto. Tope can't capture my Huckleberry Finn jump so I kept trying. I jumped for like 20+ times. Haha. "Pagoda tragedy akech," wika nga ni Dang. And yes, I am fat in Bora ;p

Success! :)
The Grotto was a good 15-minute walk from our hotel.

Sand Art #1: Dez was in BORAAAA! ;)
Me, creating Sand Art #2 ;)
Sand Art #2: from left to right -- Hiro ♥ Shaine, heel-clicking Dez, Tope with fedora, sexy Marie, Dang with hat and boxing gloves ;) Told ya! IMPRESSIVE diba? :p
Swimming, swimming. Yeah, I still had my hat on. AYAW KO UMITIM! LoL!
Playing with the sand and with Dang's fisheye lens ♥
Lovin' the cool and fine WHITE sand ♥
Hiro is exfoliating our backs with sand. Haha! ;p
Orange: We MISS you, Maj!
Yellow: Still playing with Dang's OH-some camera!
Green: Hat girls. Dahil ayaw namin umitim ang mga fez namin ;p
Purple: Heel click, again and again :)
Group pichure by the Grotto.
Heading back to the hotel.
We went back to the hotel at around 10 a.m. Tope was first to leave since his flight was the earliest. As he and my other friends prepared their stuff, I took the chance to have my "Me Time." I walked around and took pictures of whatever.

The customary photo of a Bora sand castle.
Korean ice cream. Great stuff.
Yes, please! And no cigarette butts on the sand! :)
Life guard house, sans life guard. Hehe.
Multilingual! Impressive. Definitely boosts tourism.
I went back to the hotel to fix my things too. After taking a bath, that was when I felt discomfort in my tummy and became nauseous. I didn't know why I fell ill. I had guesses:
  • Was it because I took Bonamin on Day 1 and then drank alcohol at night?
  • Was I having a hang over?
  • Was it because of my gluttony during Night 2?
  • Was it because of the Korean ice cream?
My friends went to D'mall for their last minute shopping. I had to pass on that activity to rest. However, I didn't get better. Instead, I started to poop watery, smelly poopsies. It was really humiliating having to poop that long in the public CR of the hotel. [We have already checked out.] But what can I do? My tummy was really upset.

When my friends came back, they brought me to Astoria for lunch. We had their PhP350-worth buffet. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the little food I got, not even my salad because I was highly nauseous by then. Shaine gave me stomach meds and then, I left Astoria to sleep at the hotel lounge. When they were done eating, they went back for me. Then, off we went to the jetty port.

Ang batang masakit ang tiyan, di nasulit ang buffet lunch. HuHu!
Smile na pilit. hehe! ;p
As soon as I got off the boat, I was really, really, really dizzy. I couldn't hold back everything I ate that morning, so I let it out. Yes. Walang kyeme akong sumuka in public, with the line, "Sorry, guys. Di ko na talaga kaya." Good thing my friends were there for me. They took care of me throughout the trip back to Manila. I don't have much photos during the latter part of the day because I was always asleep.

I thought I will be better after vomiting. But no. I still pooped in the jetty port office. Then, twice in the airport. And would you believe? I pooped even in the airplane! Yes. That was how sick I was. The most humiliating part was in the airport. There were two teens in the CR when I came in. After the explosion I needed to relieve my aching tummy, I heard them go, "Yuck, ang baho!" Seriously, I wanted to be flushed together with my feces right then and there.

Me and Marie. Feeling a little better in the airport. Our flight was delayed yet again. No thanks to Zest Air. Trivia: On our first day in Bora, we got a text message from the airline saying our flight is canceled due to operational requirements. Good thing the Royal Park Hotel staff were able to secure me and Marie a flight on the same day.
So despite all the kadiri moments I experienced, I was able to go home safe and sound. From Marikina, I commuted all the way to Caloocan alone. When I reached home, I went to bed right away. I got chills and found out I was running a 38.5-degree fever. My mom and sister took care of me that night. It was touching. The next day, I wasn't able to wake up early, and so, I reported to work at noon already.

So there. That's all I have for Day 2. I'll probably post more side stories of our Boracay trip when I feel like doing so.

I'm definitely going back to Boracay when I'm richer. I'll bring my family there so they could also experience all the fun I had.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz