Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boracay Day 2

Dear Juliet,

I'm kinda half-hearted as I write this entry. Well, my second day in Boracay isn't really as fab as expected and writing about it is half humiliating, half kadiri. Why? Because on the second day, I was SICK in Boracay. And when I say sick, I was really vomiting-and-pooping-like-hell SICK. But before I go over the gory details about my being sick, there was a part of the day when I felt fine.

As usual, Tope woke me up early. We had to maximize our final hours in Boracay. We ate our last breakfast from the Royal Park Hotel first, then, off we went to the famous Grotto.

Tope and I came there first, since my other friends were still preparing. We took pictures, struggled to take pictures together since we didn't have a tripod, and created sand artworks. You're gonna be impressed with my drawing skills, I'm telling you. Just look at the pictures! :)

Picture-an ang natutulog upang magising. Nice, Tope.
On our way to the Grotto. Tope can't capture my Huckleberry Finn jump so I kept trying. I jumped for like 20+ times. Haha. "Pagoda tragedy akech," wika nga ni Dang. And yes, I am fat in Bora ;p

Success! :)
The Grotto was a good 15-minute walk from our hotel.

Sand Art #1: Dez was in BORAAAA! ;)
Me, creating Sand Art #2 ;)
Sand Art #2: from left to right -- Hiro ♥ Shaine, heel-clicking Dez, Tope with fedora, sexy Marie, Dang with hat and boxing gloves ;) Told ya! IMPRESSIVE diba? :p
Swimming, swimming. Yeah, I still had my hat on. AYAW KO UMITIM! LoL!
Playing with the sand and with Dang's fisheye lens ♥
Lovin' the cool and fine WHITE sand ♥
Hiro is exfoliating our backs with sand. Haha! ;p
Orange: We MISS you, Maj!
Yellow: Still playing with Dang's OH-some camera!
Green: Hat girls. Dahil ayaw namin umitim ang mga fez namin ;p
Purple: Heel click, again and again :)
Group pichure by the Grotto.
Heading back to the hotel.
We went back to the hotel at around 10 a.m. Tope was first to leave since his flight was the earliest. As he and my other friends prepared their stuff, I took the chance to have my "Me Time." I walked around and took pictures of whatever.

The customary photo of a Bora sand castle.
Korean ice cream. Great stuff.
Yes, please! And no cigarette butts on the sand! :)
Life guard house, sans life guard. Hehe.
Multilingual! Impressive. Definitely boosts tourism.
I went back to the hotel to fix my things too. After taking a bath, that was when I felt discomfort in my tummy and became nauseous. I didn't know why I fell ill. I had guesses:
  • Was it because I took Bonamin on Day 1 and then drank alcohol at night?
  • Was I having a hang over?
  • Was it because of my gluttony during Night 2?
  • Was it because of the Korean ice cream?
My friends went to D'mall for their last minute shopping. I had to pass on that activity to rest. However, I didn't get better. Instead, I started to poop watery, smelly poopsies. It was really humiliating having to poop that long in the public CR of the hotel. [We have already checked out.] But what can I do? My tummy was really upset.

When my friends came back, they brought me to Astoria for lunch. We had their PhP350-worth buffet. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the little food I got, not even my salad because I was highly nauseous by then. Shaine gave me stomach meds and then, I left Astoria to sleep at the hotel lounge. When they were done eating, they went back for me. Then, off we went to the jetty port.

Ang batang masakit ang tiyan, di nasulit ang buffet lunch. HuHu!
Smile na pilit. hehe! ;p
As soon as I got off the boat, I was really, really, really dizzy. I couldn't hold back everything I ate that morning, so I let it out. Yes. Walang kyeme akong sumuka in public, with the line, "Sorry, guys. Di ko na talaga kaya." Good thing my friends were there for me. They took care of me throughout the trip back to Manila. I don't have much photos during the latter part of the day because I was always asleep.

I thought I will be better after vomiting. But no. I still pooped in the jetty port office. Then, twice in the airport. And would you believe? I pooped even in the airplane! Yes. That was how sick I was. The most humiliating part was in the airport. There were two teens in the CR when I came in. After the explosion I needed to relieve my aching tummy, I heard them go, "Yuck, ang baho!" Seriously, I wanted to be flushed together with my feces right then and there.

Me and Marie. Feeling a little better in the airport. Our flight was delayed yet again. No thanks to Zest Air. Trivia: On our first day in Bora, we got a text message from the airline saying our flight is canceled due to operational requirements. Good thing the Royal Park Hotel staff were able to secure me and Marie a flight on the same day.
So despite all the kadiri moments I experienced, I was able to go home safe and sound. From Marikina, I commuted all the way to Caloocan alone. When I reached home, I went to bed right away. I got chills and found out I was running a 38.5-degree fever. My mom and sister took care of me that night. It was touching. The next day, I wasn't able to wake up early, and so, I reported to work at noon already.

So there. That's all I have for Day 2. I'll probably post more side stories of our Boracay trip when I feel like doing so.

I'm definitely going back to Boracay when I'm richer. I'll bring my family there so they could also experience all the fun I had.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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