Sunday, May 29, 2011

Calaguas-Bagasbas: Wagas na Wagas [Day 2]

Dear Juliet,

We woke up to a rainy morning in Calaguas. Water dripping inside our tent kinda woke me up. Plus, our company were up and about, making breakfast; thus, the concomitant noise.
Maximizing our final hours in the island, we went swimming, had breakfast [ham and eggs], shot lotsa pictures, and took the time to enjoy the view. I also tried to improvise so that we can have underwater pictures. Take a look, take a look! ;p
Early in the morning ♥ Had to "censor" my sister's butt ;p
Imagine waking up to this view every day. I bet it's a good morning every morning.
For these underwater shots, I placed my camera inside a ziplock and it worked! ;p
Wala pong dugong sa Calaguas, dear readers. Ako po yan. Dahil walang goggles/ snorkeling gear, nagkaganyan ang aking mukha. Haha. Remarkable yung ilong ko! Di marunong pumroject underwater eh ;p
All our bags are packed, ready to go ;)
While waiting for our tour coordinators to clear the site, Megs and I took more photos--of myself. Haha. VAIN much? ;p We found a little star fish! So cute ;)
During travels, I make sure to get my sister and myself a souvenir shirt. The problem in Calaguas, however, is that there are no malls nor an Island Souvenir stall, for that matter. When we heard that there are souvenir shirts sold at the lone sari-sari store in the island, we checked it out. But it turns out they only had Large sized shirts whose designs were not so impressive. So we scratched buying souvenir shirts out of the plan.

Then, when all left Calaguas, satisfied. One day is enough to enjoy nature's beauty. In that one day of stay, I appreciated my life in the city more. If we were to stay there for another 24 hours, I might have gone crazy. A life in a desolate island is very different; it is ultramega difficult! There is no signal--I can't update my tweeter status or text my mom that we're fine and enjoying so much. There is no electricity--I can't charge my drained cellphone battery, or go online, or watch TV, or even listen to the radio. There are no sturdy infrastructures--what will happen if a typhoon comes up? Our guides said that during the typhoon Bebeng, waves were 9 feet tall and they had nowhere to stay, just their tents. And lastly, there is no decent comfort room--you share it with 30 other people on the island. When Madie and I refused to go wee-wee in the talahiban, we endured the effing kadiri smell of vomit in the shared CR. TRAUMATIC!

The two-hour boat ride this time was boring. Since we already saw the scenery, it was no longer as amazing as the first time. Most of our company managed to sleep despite the cramped space and the noisy engine of the motorboat.
Para-paraan, makatulog lang ;p
Before heading to Bagasbas beach, we had lunch at this place called Ksarap. They served good food and the ambiance was great for the summer. Their service, however, was unsatisfactory. We waited so long to have our orders served. On top of that, they served us the wrong order, thus making our waiting time longer. But in all fairness, their buko sherbet was the WINNER!

The Bagasbas beach boasts of waves perfect for surfing. The hourly rate for a surfboard rent is 200Php. You may opt to get an instructor [plus surfboard] at 400Php per hour. We weren't really up for surfing so we just enjoyed the waves and took happy shots. Hindi mapagkaka-ila na ako ang pinakamasaya sa araw na ito. I have to say, I HAVE THE WEIRDEST FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ON DAY 2!
Sister love! ♥
Wooohh! Love the waves! ;)
This is the facial expression I'm talking about. Wanna laugh? Click the pic to zoom in ;p
Wacky shot with best pal, Madelaine; Group picture!
How sweet! ♥
Super sweet na sweet. Dez: Ibalik mo sa akin yang chewing gum ko!
Photo op with our guides, RU and Jerome.
My dad's family is from Bicol and Samar. Though I haven't gone to his place and met all our relatives, at least I got to have a taste of Bicol. This experience is definitely one for the books! Ang daming natupad sa aking wishlist! Love it.

Next stop: Boracay [again] in August. Wuhoo!

Photos are from my camera, Raffy; Shelly's camera, Roger; Klaris' super camera, Nova; and Madie's camera, unnamed.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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