Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Traydor ang Emperador!

Dear Juliet,

Some time in our lives, we forget to be responsible, we drink a little too much, we pass out, we learn who really cares for us, and lastly, we suffer (in the form of a hangover) for our wrongdoing.

For the first time in my life, i passed out. Em-bar-ras-sing! 

All the while, i thought i was a responsible drinker. I never allowed myself to get too drunk because I never wanted to be knocked down in public. The least i want is to be a shameful spectacle before others. But last Saturday night, my worst alcohol experience happened. And i wasn't even heart broken! This experience outweighed my Gumbo drinking drama.

So it was the town fiesta at our CEO's place in Mojon, Liliw, Laguna. Since I've been part of their company, I've never missed one fiesta. We go to their place every year to join the festivities. Last Saturday was my third visit and it was the eve of the fiesta. We participated in the fun run in the morning, and in the parade in the evening. I'm telling you, that has got to be the longest, most tiring walk of my life! We also got kinda tired from our trip to Liliw for some sandals/slippers shopping.

Fast forward to Saturday evening: My office mates and I began the drinking session with videoke on the side. We had lambanog, Alfonso brandy, and Emperador Light brandy. I knew I had too much to drink, but I was still thinking straight. Though my vision was messed up, i knew what was happening around me and i wasn't dizzy. One sign that I'm too drunk and that it's time to stop drinking is when my lips and some other parts of my body go numb. But no, I was perfectly fine that night. Sobrang traydor talaga ang Emperador.

When there were only a few of us left, our boss [CEO's son] initiated a "drinking game" in which i participated. I was losing the game, but it was alright. Everything was doing great. Until i woke up, flabbergasted and wondering how the hell i'm back to our room when my last memory is that of my boss pouring me consecutive "penalty shots" because I lost in his stupid game. LoL.

When I woke up, that was when I learned that I passed out. Good thing, my knights-in-shining-armor aka office mates carried me back to the place we were staying. I can't imagine how Sir Eric did it. I. AM. SO. HEAVY. Plus, I've heard that when a person is unconscious, he/she gets heavier. So wow, I must have given him rheumatic joints after.

I did some more thinking and I realized that I wasn't in my clothes last night; I was no longer wearing a bra! Someone changed my clothes for me! At first, they were teasing me that a guy office mate did it. *insert loud screams of humiliation from me and boisterous guffaws from my naughty office mates* But I know my office mates won't do that to me. They said I vomited and dirtied my clothes. I was not responsive and totally knocked out, that was why the "motherly" office mates had to change my clothes.

I swear, I can't remember a thing after my penalty shots. According to my office mates' accounts of that night, i sat down, hugging the pole beside me. They were talking to me, but I wasn't very responsive. When I hurled, that was when they got me inside Mr. Andrei's house to lay me down on his sofa. [They introduced me to Mr. Andrei earlier that night, by the way. LoL! Talk about first impressions. FAIL!] Then I puked again. That was when they decided to take me home to our CEO's house.

I'm telling you. What happened was BAYANIHAN at its finest! Sir Eric carried me to the van. Sir Edgar drove. Sir Ton and Sir Joel looked after me inside the van. Sir Regis and Ms Anna took turns wiping my vomit-clad body. Ms Anna and Maam Letty changed my clothes for me. And the rest showed genuine concern. It was touching! ♥ This is why i love being in this company, with their company!

Come Sunday, I slept and puked alternately the whole day. Worst hangover ever!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz


  1. amp bakit wala kang bra teh that time (haha yun talaga concern ko e haha. and you puked in your shirt?disgusting hahaha joke lang). Stop drinking na kasi

  2. binihisan kasi nila ako kaya tinanggal na rin yung aking bra. hahaha! friend, di ko lang natantsa yung sarili ko that time. at first time ko kasi mag emperador light kaya hayun, deads. di ko na hahayaang maulit yun. promise. so go pa rin sa drinking. woooh! ;p

    ikaw na ang clean, healthy living. haha!


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