Monday, June 27, 2011

Guilt Trip

Dear Juliet,

For the 2nd time today, I received this kind of text from a random Globe mobile number. It got to my nerves because they always, as in ALWAYS, send me these messages. I'm expecting my postpaid line to have more "privacy" than this. So it went like this--
Texter: 3yrs credit card holder frm any bank, apply for cash loan! 50k to 2M @ 1.28% a mo. 02-6221720, Lourice
Me: Stop! Leche!
Texter: Ok, god bless! 
Wow. I felt so sorry after the texter replied that way. I didn't mean to snap like that at her. Now this is a wake up call for me to be more gentle and wiser in using language, in treating others. I should count to ten and think twice before releasing negative vibes. Hay. I'm sorry, Lourice, whoever you are.

~Happidezz on mobile


  1. Hahaha! I get these text messages a lot din! Pero I dont reply na. I wish Globe would fix this soon. I dont know how these people get my number when Im postpaid naman. Kainis lang!

  2. yeah, i hope Globe fixes that. never experienced this sa prepaid ko before. hehe. the texter said system-generated daw yun and computer raw ang nagsesend sa random numbers. hayun. kainis lang talaga :)


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