Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Different Kind of Pain

Dear Juliet,

Sore muscles. That's what I'm talking about. In preparation for our Boracay trip this August, I figured I should shed off fats. And so, I enrolled to the gym! Finally! 

I miss being lean. Some months ago, I was kalansay thin because of depression. I literally did not eat for days, and it's still a wonder how I got to endure that. Funny thing though, is that when I recovered from the depression, I gained so much weight in just a matter of weeks! Now, see the difference.

Left photo taken last December, i think. Right photo taken this July.
I'm not saying I want to be kalansay thin again. No! Just look at that face. I don't look healthy there. I just want to feel light and not too conscious of my bulging stomach. I enrolled to the gym to make myself feel better about my body. I never EVER want to go through depression again just to lose weight. It was a terrible ordeal to go through. This time, it should be a healthier process. I eat. I exercise. I work out. I lose weight. I become sexier. I become happier. Haha!

Though this new weight-loss process is very different, it is still NOT painless. But this is a different kind of pain, though. This is physical. This is healthier. This is easier to endure. I could take Alaxan for this, as opposed to a heartbreak which does not have a pain reliever. However, the masochistic side of me enjoys the pain. My mom tells me to take Alaxan every time I complain about my sore body parts, but I respond with much conviction, "Let me feel the pain ma, it won't be long before I can rejoice over my triumph. I will get through this." LoL!

The similarity between a heartbreak and working out is striking. After enduring the pains [of both], you emerge FIT, STRONGER, SEXIER, and MORE BEAUTIFUL. LoL. I should've stopped at "stronger."


Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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