Sunday, July 10, 2011

Froggy, Rainy Night

Dear Juliet,

I don't remember much of my frog dissecting days in Biology during high school. Maybe it's a memory I deliberately erased off of my mind. All I know is that I didn't catch or bring any frog to school; I relied on my classmates as far as pinning, cutting, and probing the frog were concerned. I did an exquisite job as an observer back then.

But just a while back, I had the closest encounter I ever imagined I could have with a frog--a baby frog.

It was 3 a.m. I just finished watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and was intent on reading the closing credits. I was in the living room where my mom and sister were sleeping. Mama was on her folding bed, while my sister was on our matress. [Yes, parang sleep-over party lang 'di ba?]

I was on the sofa when I heard an insect jumping to and fro around the living room. When I turned the lights on, I realized it wasn't an insect. It was a baby frog. I was so scared. I didn't know what to do, so I woke my sister up. She just shrugged and told me to get rid of it myself.

I got the biggest plastic bag i could find and laid it beside the frog which settled in one corner of the living room. I knew my plan was stupid, but I pushed my luck thinking that the frog will just voluntarily get inside the bag. Well, yes, as my sister puts it, this plan sucked.

And so, i went out to get tongs. I went back to the living room and there, i stood, in front of the frog, frozen. I was so scared to go anywhere near it. Desperate, I woke my mom up. She has rheumatic joints, so she can't help me. She scolded me and prodded me to just do it.

I hated my sister so much for not helping me with this huge predicament. Left with not much options, i decided to just do it myself. I thought, i didn't want to sleep with a baby frog lurking around. What if it lays eggs on my ears? What if it gives me kulugo in my face? What if it breeds inside our house? I can't let those happen!

And so after 30 minutes of mustering my courage and practicing how to tong the frog, i finally did it!

My mom, my sister, and i laughed at the incident. They said i looked really stupid being scared of something so tiny. Well, i can't blame them. I was literally laughing and shivering out of fear at the same time. Mama also complained that i just had to wake everyone up, turn on all the lights, and do my pag-iinarte for so long when i could have done it silently, without bothering anyone.

Oh well, i'm a girl. My fear of frogs got the best of me. Whoever said that frogs are princes is a BIG FAT LIAR!

~Happidezz on mobile :)

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