Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm a Loner Foodie

Dear Juliet,

I can't believe I only have 3 entries for June. I have so much to tell you, but I'm either too tamad or too busy to write you letters. Naku, I'll try to post more this month. For now, let me talk about what makes me fat--my inclination to food and to eating alone.

While my friend, Shelly, dreads eating alone in public, that's one thing I like doing. I don't mind being alone. I don't mind eating alone. It makes me think, concentrate, reflect, observe people, and enjoy food. However, doing such makes me fat all the more. I got no one to share my favorite food with, thus the solo intake of gazillion calories.

Here's one of my lamon moments at the Chocolate Kiss Cafe after enrollment.

Bottomless iced tea [P70]: I get to control the sweetness of my tea. Calamansi + syrup + tea = AYOStea ♥ 
Hickory Smoked Spareribs: Grilled pork spareribs with hickory sauce and buttered corn kernels. May be served with rice [P195]  or with garlic mashed potatoes [P215]. I chose to have potatoes for this, just to satisfy my potato cravings.
Yummy to the ribs! [Pun intended] The pork was tender and its sauce, just delish. I was so full after this course. The mashed potato was filling! But since it was pouring outside, I decided to stay a while longer in the resto and have some dessert.
Classic Chocolate Cake [P98]. I'm a Devil's Food Cake loyalist, but after this, I guess I have a new favorite. Ah, DARK CHOCOLATE! My taste buds went wild ♥
I brought home a 4-inch Devil's Food Cake [P145] for my family. I can't bear the thought of experiencing food coma without them. They just have to taste a bite of heaven as well =)

Not-so-Loner Food Trips
Speaking of not bearing the thought of experiencing yummy food alone, I bring my sister with me on food trips sometimes. Since we already had enough of BK, just this once, we fled our favorite wi-fi haven and tried out some Chinese food at Hap Chan in SM Fairview. We were such gluttons! We ordered a lot and weren't able to finish everything.

Dessert came first: Chilled mango taho with tapioca [P60]. It wasn't impressive; not even chilled when served to us, thus, I'm only giving it 2 out of five stars.
Lechon Macau [P260]. I have to say, this is really tasty! Haha, what a lame description. But hey, no judgments! I'm no food blogger. Well. The lechon went really well with its vinegar-based sauce. It had crunchy skin and tender meat which were perfect to my taste.
Yang Chow Fried Rice [P220]. Loved the seafood. Ah, shrimps! I can eat this without viand, but well, it was my lucky day. I had all the yummy ulams to go with this fab fried rice.
Wanton Noodles [P130]. We bought this because we thought we needed soup since all the dishes we ordered were dry. I liked it, especially its siomai add-on.
I'm a sucker for siomai and dumplings! ♥ The sharksfin siomai [P75] was a disappointment, the shrimp dumpling [P80] was so-so, but the quail egg siomai [P75] was the super star!
Every meal is not complete without dessert, right? And since we finished our not-so-interesting dessert before the main course, we had to end the meal with another to make the dessert real. Haha, ang gulo. We had these DQ Dilly bars. Why are they called bars? They are not bars! Hello?
These are cheap, I know.
Of course, these meals are not 5-star material. These places are for foodies on a tight budget. But the bottom line of this post is that I love eating. I love eating with my sister. I love eating with my family. I love eating alone. I love sweets. I love desserts. I love fine-dining. I love kanto-dining. I love sidewalk food trips. I love tusok-tusok delicacies. I love food.

And the bottom line of all these eating are a bulging belly and bellybutton. Hay.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz


  1. dark chocolate cake?wowowoww!!!

  2. Yep, dark choco. So rich. So moist. So mouth watering. And above all, so fattening! fattening!

  3. i need to try that classic chocolate cake. i just have too. :D devil's food cake loyalist din ako :)
    by the way... are you studying in UP? :)

  4. hi roni. yes, yes. that is a must-try :)
    hehe. yup, i'm taking up my MA there :)

  5. Wow, I'm taking my MA there too! (And was also an undergrad student). By the way, thanks to your blog link my site has been getting more traffic :) I should treat you for some cakes! Thanks again. Cheerio! :)

  6. no problemo! i like sharing the good stuff. your blogs are good. no, great! they're great :)


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