Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dance, Martial Arts

Dear Juliet,

Gusto ko matuto nito. Kaya lang wala pa akong oras. Wala pa akong perang pang-enroll. Wala pa akong kasama. At wala pa akong nakikitang studio malapit sa lugar namin. Ang sikip na rin kasi ng schedule ko sa trabaho at sa eskwela. SA SEMBREAK NA LANG!

It would definitely be so cool if I could learn how to kick ass the legit way. CHAR! ;p


 Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz


  1. ang kulit ng banner mo Dez! :))
    I know you can do it. I am in the same track too. Sometimes it seems like ages before I see results and have already worked my a** off but oh well... No pain, no gain.

    Good luck :-)

  2. hi roni :) nababasa ko yung blogs mo and i totally agree that results can be seen in the mirror and not in the weighing scale :) haha. feeling ko naman may effect na kahit pano yung addiction ko sa gym ;p the goal now is to control my eating. takaw ko kasi eh.

    nakaka-addict ang pagwowork out! now i want to try capoeira ;)


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