Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random and Chopsuey

Dear Juliet,

I have so much stuff in my mind. I have to write these down now, or else, I'm gonna forget these.

1. I'm amazed at how far a person would go just to become beautiful. 

Hello, Jinky Pacquiao! It's too bad she has a twin sister. People has basis for comparison. They'll know which parts of her face are not real.

And it's not just Jinky Pacquiao who's obsessed with achieving "beauty." I have this gym mate who'll do what it takes just to prove an aunt who called her "pangit" in the past that she can be beautiful. In her pursuit of beauty, she had her nose done--a painful ordeal she had to pay for P35thousand. Then, she enrolled to the gym and hired a personal trainer because she wants to be sexy. And to be sexy, she takes pills (Relacore) whose side effects are now becoming apparent. I Googled the pill and found out that aside from reducing the appetite, it also weakens the muscles. Now, this gym mate complains of tired muscles after just a few minutes on the treadmill. Yes, she loses weight fast because of the pills, but her trunk is way bigger than her thinning extremities. That's another side effect. 

She also injects herself with fat-burning thingamajigs. She mentioned to me once that she had something injected in her chin to burn the fats there. And I don't know how true this is, but she also injects herself with L-carnitine.

This gym mate won't stop with a nose job, regular exercise, and some injectibles. She also plans to get a new chin. Yes, that's right. Another surgery in the near future. And a while ago, she kept mentioning something about a mesolight procedure, which apparently, is like non-invasive liposuction. It only it uses laser, I guess.

So there--all those just to be "beautiful." I feel sad that she has to undergo all these; that she wants to undergo all these, because to me, all these things are tantamount to torture. I mean, the procedures and medicines have effects (both positive and negative) on the body. Though I'll be thinner, I wouldn't risk the well-being of my muscles. (Haha. Well-being talaga?) I wouldn't risk my health. I wouldn't risk my body's condition. I wouldn't box myself in a life that revolves around diet pills, injectibles, surgery, and zero appetite. Aba, ang sarap kumain, noh!

I'm aware that for my gym mate, these are not self-inflicted tortures. I know she wants this and that she's willing to spend a lot to achieve her goals. I understand that she wants to prove something. It's just that, I don't see the practicality in it. Would you really have to go that far? I don't know. Maybe it's just the DUKHA in me that screams, "Atey, ikaw na ang mayaman! Pero napaka impratical lang kasi ng mga pinagkakagastusan mo. Partida, ang ikaw na nga yung nagbayad, ikaw pa yung nasaktan at nabigyan ng negative side-effects."

Oh well, desisyon nya naman yan. Wika nga nila: Live and let live. Ikaw, what do you think? Can beauty be achieved the unnatural way?

2. I'm amazed at how far a 13 year-old would go for love.
SM Pampanga shooting: SAD! 13y/o lang yung shooter! Tsk. When I was 13, my problems were only about homework and overprotective parents.
That's my 774th tweet. Sigh. The ending of this young love, gay love is really a tragedy. Two dead male teenagers, both shot in the head. Reports say that the 13-year-old boy shot his 16-year-old lover first and then himself.

In a suicide note written by the shooter, he said: "I’m willing to die together with [name of his lover]... I’m happy to kill you. No one else would own you."

Honestly, during my darkest times, I once told myself that if murder were not punishable by law, I'd be happy to kill my ex. But no, I never imagined being happy to die with him. Siya na lang mag-isa, noh!

God. What is happening to the world? These are teenagers! How deep can their concept of love be? How depressing can their depression get? I mean, I've been there, but never did I come up of a plan that morbid and more importantly, never did I actually execute anything self-destructing (self-destructing, meaning actually harming myself deliberately and causing myself physical pain). It's sad. Really sad.

I'm thinking the case of these boys are not the same as mine. Maybe theirs is more complicated given that such a relationship is not yet fully accepted by society; such a relationship is even harder to maintain and handle. Plus, I would never know the workings of a gay person's mind and emotions. Maybe they are more passionate, more possessive, and more irrational when it comes to love. I would never know.

I really hope kids these days can just act as normal kids. With normal, I mean just being at school, doing homework, obeying their elders, maintaining their innocence, being afraid of their parent's wrath once they commit grave mistakes. You know, I wish they could be just the kind of kids who are not in a rush to grow up; kids who have young yet healthy thoughts, spirits, hearts.

Oh no. Now I feel so old.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

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