Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CEBU Part1: Kids These Days

Dear Juliet,

Remember my last post about kids (#2 of this entry)? Let me reiterate my fervent hope:
I really hope kids these days can just act as normal kids. With normal, I mean just being at school, doing homework, obeying their elders, maintaining their innocence, being afraid of their parent's wrath once they commit grave mistakes. You know, I wish they could be just the kind of kids who are not in a rush to grow up; kids who have young yet healthy thoughts, spirits, hearts.
I'm writing about this again because of a recent encounter with a kid who is around 3 years old. We just boarded the plane. We were bound for our short vacation in Cebu. I noticed this little girl behind my seat. I thought she and her father were adorable. Her father was diverting her attention from the take-off. They were cute while talking to each other and laughing, so I dismissed the fact that the kid was kind of a disturbance because she was pushing my seat with her feet the whole duration of the flight. I wasn't able to have my precious sleep.

All was well and cutesy. Until out of the blue, the girl said: 


I was shocked. Those words sounded like my favorite Jollibee Chicken Joy--Malutong! Crispy-licious talaga! And that's coming from a 3-year old kid! I wanted to confront the father and ask, "Really? You're ignoring that? You're allowing your child to say those words? You're not going to correct it?" Tsk! The child repeated those cuss words like five times, I guess. Disappointingly, the father didn't call the kid's attention to tell her that it's not appropriate to say those things.

NAKU! I wish all the parents out there are careful with what they teach their kids. Really. If I were a parent, I would wash my daughter's mouth with soap and alcohol if I ever hear her say those kinds of words (of course, that's a hyperbole). NAKU talaga.

It's a good thing my adorable niece is only one year old. She hasn't made clear utterances yet. Plus, she only understands English, so it's a relief that these Pinoy cuss words are out of her vocabulary. Baby Rana will grow up as a good person, just like her Ninang. Ahem! :)

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz


  1. omg grabe naman yung batang yun

  2. my goodness. irresponsible parenting!

  3. very irresponsible. disappointing talaga kasi the father looks and sounds well-mannered naman. Ewan ko ba. This is sad.


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