Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pihikan nga ba ako?

Dear Juliet,

It was a week-long celebration for me at our office! I love my workmates! [Well, most days, I do. Haha!] Last night, we celebrated my birthday in our favorite videoke-slash-inuman place. We had so much fun! I was the last girl standing. Most of the ladies in our office are married, so they don't really prioritize partying over their families. Only four girls were there and one by one, the three left. Before I asked the guys to drive me home, they asked me why I was still single. "Sa ganda mong 'yan? Bakit wala kang boyfriend?" I didn't know what to say. I also ask that to myself. I mean, ang ganda ko naman talaga, di ba? What is wrong? Wahaha.

Then, they asked further, "Baka naman kasi pihikan ka sa lalaki?" Well, I can't really say that I am pihikan. Looking back, my ex boyfriends weren't really close to what I envision as my ideal man. In fact, none of them were ideal. So, if I were pihikan, I wouldn't be with these not-so-ideal guys.

Let's just say I have standards--superficial ones. I want someone who's taller and older than I am. He has to look presentable. He has to wear clothes of my taste (no crotch-hugging skinny jeans and pointed white shoes, please). He has to speak and write decent English. He has to be respectful to women, not just to me. He has to be future-oriented. He has to be honest; not pretentious. He has to be sweet. He has to be a gentleman. ETC. Also, ayoko yung mga tagilid ang sexuality at yung mga mahilig magsuot ng multi-colored plaid tokong shorts, haha. [Click here for a more detailed ayoko list. Hahahaha!]

Once again, an officemate asked me about another officemate's chances with me. I said, "Bata pa yan e. He's a good guy, but I just see him as my little brother." My officemate immediately responded, "Ah, wala naman yan sa edad e. Kung gusto mo, gusto mo talaga. So, wala. Di mo trip si *tooot* ha?"

I see this officemate's point. At the end of the day, these superficial standards are nothing once I've found the man I see myself growing old with. At the end of the day, when I like a guy, I just like him. Period. He may be younger, he may be shorter, he may wear tokong shorts, but when I like him, I can disregard my long list of standards just like that. Hehehe! Isa pa, sabi nga ng officemate ko, "Ang lalaking para sa iyo ay yung lalaking gagawin ang lahat para sa iyo. Pag nahanap mo yun, di na importante ang edad. Pag gusto mo, gusto mo." TAMA!

I keep telling people that I'm not rushing myself into love. Right now, I'm very much contented with what I have. I don't have to be in a relationship to feel loved and special. My friends are there to make me feel loved and special. I love myself and I consider myself special. That's all that matters. It's great to be single. Yes, I miss being in a relationship once in a while, but the pros of being single outweigh the cons. I just love that I can do things on my own way and on my own terms. FREEDOM! :)

Mukhang bangkay yung mukha ko kapag sobrang payat. Hahay.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz


  1. Dear Dez, aminin mo na kasi na ako talaga gusto mo may standards ka pang nalalaman e pak!haha

  2. dear madie, i never denied how i feel for you. alam naman nating dalawa na we are meant for each other! bwahahahaha.

    @shelly, bisexualism to the max! hahaha. kadire si madie! ;p


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