Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boracay 2011 Part 2: Habagat Season, Day 1

Dear Juliet,

I've been meaning to write about my Boracay trip last August, but I always fail to fight the laziness to do so. So after two months, here it is--my Boracay trip during the habagat season :)

For this year, we went to Boracay for our company outing. I was expecting this trip to be as awesome as my trip last summer. I expected Boracay to be the same place it was in April. But upon arriving at Royal Park Hotel (same hotel we stayed in before), I got really upset. Boracay is so different. First, the sea is not as calm as it was last summer--HIGH TIDE! Next, sea weeds and wind barriers were everywhere! The view was not pleasing at all. Strong winds blew like it's the end of the world and it rained most of the time. I thought, "Awesome is not possible during this season. How are we gonna have fun with this?"
The wind barriers were such eye sores. They blocked the view of the ocean ;c
With no powers to change the weather, I settled on just enjoying whatever this trip has to offer. First off, we had lunch in Mang Inasal. After which, we strolled along the shore and took pictures. I realized, the view wasn't that bad at all. It's just all about seeing beauty in the least expected instances.

My office mates having so much fun taking their Bora jump shots.
The people I had lunch with: Jun, Anna, Melvin, Nina.
Next, we had our company meeting which I emceed. It rained when we were on our way to the seminar venue so all of us were on "basang sisiw" conditions. The meeting was very productive. We got to talk about company matters. The employees were able to speak their minds and everyone got to share valuable input to the progress of the company. After the meeting, we had a hearty buffet dinner care of our president.

Production Department. Sing with me: Heto akoo-oh-oh, basang-basa sa ulan! Walang masisilungan, walang makakapitaaan ;p
Happy BC people in Boracay :)
After dinner, we went back to the hotel to rest for a while. We also practiced for the next day's cheering competition. And then, we scouted for a good inuman place in Station 1, but most of the go-to spots were closed. When we finally found a good spot, the inuman session commenced! When it comes to inuman, my office mates are the best! Remember my black-out moment in Laguna? That's how generous they are as far as alcohol is concerned. [Segue: For my birthday, my guy boss wrote on my birthday card, "Sorry for giving you too much alcohol during that one time in Laguna."] So this time in Boracay, alcohol flooded once again. Plus, they got us some shisha to smoke. It was really great that we were with the sales managers--people who are the richest in the company, haha!--because they spoil us :)

With guy boss, Ms. Jack, and my wasted office mates :)
With the ultimate BIs, Mr. Marc and his brother, Mr. Eric.
I really, really enjoyed my first shisha experience! Because of this experience, mayabang na ako during my second and third time with my gym mates. Di na ako ignorante e! Wuhoo! [I have an Iranian gym friend, and shisha is part of their culture, I think.]

Shisha is easier to smoke compared to cigarettes, at least for me. Plus, it leaves a more interesting fruity aftertaste, compared to the tobacco aftertaste of cigarettes. Thanks to my BI office mates whom I truly love, I now know how to smoke--they gave me Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Black after. And they continue to give me something to smoke every time we go out. Naku talaga ;p

Despite all these experiences, I have to say that I never found pleasure in smoking cigarettes. Smoking is one activity that has not and will never grow on me. I'll never be proud that I know how to smoke.

Haha. Yeah, yeah. This is a big deal for someone like me. Lumaki kasi akong nasa tamang landas. Now that I've tried these "forbidden stuff" my parents taught me not to do, I have to post these info to serve my interests as a POSER. Woot, I know how to smoke! I'm so cool. LoL! Mukha mooo, gagooo ;p

Shisha is believed to be a better substitute for smoking. My office mates claim that it doesn't have chemicals whatsoever in it, but look at what I found on the Net [click here]. Turns out, it's more dangerous than cigarettes. Damn. Mas gusto ko pa naman ang shisha! Hay.

After the inuman, the crazy guys (Mr. Marc and Mr. Eric) decided to take a dip despite the fact that it was drizzling that time and the wind was chilly. I was happily taking their photos when they dragged me into the water. CRAZZYYY! I had no fight over two big boys. But the dip was pleasant. "Pantanggal tama," according to them. The downside, though, is that I caught colds and cough after the trip.

Night swimming :)
 We dried up and decided to drink coffee to feel warm. Then, we called it a night.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz


  1. Ahahaha..:d shisha i think is equivalent to 30 sticks of cig.. Although sa ibng part ng india.. They use to put med herbs para mdling maintake ng body.. Pero sa mga adik (like me.. Before.. Haha before tlg eh noh?!..changed person?!) we can put all sorts of "herbs" sa loob ng shisha.. Heheh :) oh well, as for experience sake.. It is fun to try.. :) hahah :d everytime i read ur entries, i feel comfort over the honesty of the story.. Wala lng.. :) imy ny!

  2. herbs! interesting. hahahaha! ;p IMY nets. ang tagal na nung letter ko, di ko pa rin naipapadala. putdated na sya! So susulat na lang ako ng panibago. Kailangan mapadala ko na sya sa iyo agad! :)

  3. What's good in boracay is you can enjoy your stay even in a not so good weather condition. Really, the boracay beach itself has a lot to offer.


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