Thursday, November 29, 2012

Writing is a Life Skill

Dear Juliet,

Do you have friends, relatives, or workmates who repeatedly ask you to write something for them, like, say a resignation letter, a letter of intent, or even a Facebook status? Then, it's too bad for them. Perhaps they weren't very attentive to their English Language teacher when they were in elementary, high school, and college.

WRITING IS A LIFE SKILL. ENGLISH IS THE LANGUAGE OF GLOBALIZATION. These two are things I recently re-learned from Ms. Nancy, a co-applicant at MAPUA. After taking the MELT [MAPUA English Language Test], this was something we talked about in passing. She mentioned that English is definitely important in the workplace. And unfortunately, it's also something people are afraid of. "Kapag may English-only policy sa isang lugar, pansinin mo, ANG TAHIMIK," she quips. LoL! I can't help but agree because I, myself, am scared of this policy as well.

But, YES. Writing in English is something you need to know, if not master by the time you finish college. It's your tool in the corporate world. How can you find a decent job if you can't even write your SKILLS and CAPABILITIES in your resume? How can you pass an interview if you can't answer in straight English? So as early as elementary, it's really important that you try to learn the English lessons. Master the essentials, especially your subject-verb agreement. Try to speak in English frequently, even if you're not very good at it. Exercise your tongue and learn the difference in pronunciation between fit and pit; band and bond; fun and fan, beat and bit, bane and vein.

I am lucky I have great teachers who educated me with the acceptable English I am capable of right now. I'm not saying I'm the best, I'm just saying that I'm equipped with the right weapons in the war called job hunting; in the foreign land called corporate world. I guess what I'm trying to say is: 

KIDS, LEARN YOUR ENGLISH. Hayaan nyo nang dumugo ang ilong nyo, wag lang kayo mahirapan makipag kumpitensya sa mga aplikanteng madaming bala.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

The End

Dear Juliet,

I watched The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my gym friends last Thursday. I thought I wouldn't find the movie thrilling since I've read the book many times. What part of the movie wouldn't I know of, right? But lo and behold! The trickery! And the deaths which broke my heart! It was awesome; a pleasant surprise.

But beyond vampires and werewolves, I think the only unrealistic thing in the movie was the computer-generated baby Nessie. It looked more like a robot than a human-vampire hybrid. Worse was the teenage version of Renesmee. Why didn't they just find a real person? But all in all, I'd say it was a great ending to a saga. Bella was a gorgeous vampire. I loved her makeup in the movie.

What I loved the most was when A Thousand Years played as Bella recalled her pleasant memories as a human. It was so sweet. They flashed snippets from Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I can't help myself but murmer a soft "AAAWWWW."

To end this crap of a "review," can I just say? I thought Jacob looked hotter than Edward in this last installment.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Out of Shape

Dear Juliet,

I went to the gym with the boyfie this evening. We worked out at FF where he usually has a personal trainer. But for tonight, he decided that I get trained by the PT instead. After six months of not going to the gym, I almost died doing just 4 kinds of exercises given by the PT. I literally felt nauseous after each set. I also failed to repeat each set to his desired number of reps. I only lasted two reps per set. I was catching my breath every time and he would just laugh at me. To add insult to the injury, boyfie laughed with him as well.

This is bad. I have to get back in shape. My growing BILBIL and my low stamina are not good for an ageing woman like me. In as much as I hate to say this, I think I also need to watch my diet as URIC ACID is starting to give me knee pains and whatnots. Really, if I'm growing old, I have to grow old healthily.

I also have to work on my fitness and wellness so that I can get rid of unwanted illnesses such as migraine. I'll talk about my battle with migraine in another entry. But for now, I have to get back on track and work on my health.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Winged Eyeliner

Dear Juliet,

I am often told that the brand and price of makeup do not really matter as far as looking good is concerned. What's important is the quality of the makeup and how it is applied. So, for my first cosmetics review, let me show you my winged eyeliner--a makeup look I am trying to master the past few days. I am not a PRO makeup artist. Yes, I work in a local cosmetics company, but I can only do my own makeup. This is going to be my first attempt to blog about cosmetics, so please bear with me.

I used the Ever Bilena Dipliner.
How I did it: I started with a thin stroke from the inner eye corner, making the strokes thicker as the felt tip approaches the outer corner. Following the direction of the lower lash line, create the tip and decide the length you want for your wing. Even out the strokes so that you have a clean finish.
What I like about it: It has a felt tip, which makes application quick, easy, and clean; It dries quickly so the liquid does not smear.
What I don't like about it: It has a shiny finish (I like matte better); It cracks after some time.

When you blink too much or accidentally stretch your skin, this is what happens to the dipliner:

All in all, it does its job as a liquid eyeliner. It's an affordable option for the budget restrained. But if asked if I'd buy one again, I'd have to say no. I'd invest in more expensive brands especially if I know that it'll last and that it has better quality.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Awesome Threesome

Dear Juliet,

This blog entry is inspired by Bethany Joy Galleoti's "Three Cool Things." Since I'm such a gaya-gaya, I've decided to come up with my own version of it--"Awesome Threesome"--featuring three things that make me happy. So for my first Happy Three entry, let me tell you about three things that make my world colorful at the moment :)

POST ITS! I have a hoard of post its in my planner. They're so cute and colorful and functional too! I use them both for work and for my planner/diary entries. The green post it set, I got from SM Supplies Station for only PhP69 while the rest are from all over the world, given as pasalubong by my previous boss :) This "collection" reminds me of my childhood. Back then, kids like me loved to collect stationery.
COLORFUL PENS! I first used colored pens to make my corrections stand out against a black and white manuscript. That way, the typesetters can easily spot the editing marks and insert the corrections in the soft copy. Now, I use them in my planner/diary as well. They make the planner more interesting and girly :) Pens like these range from PhP10 to PhP50 each, depending on the brand. Being the pobre that I am, most of my pens are only on the PhP10 rate. Haha!

BRELLY! I recently lost my trusty Fibrella of two years. Unfortunately, someone from the office took it. I felt bad because it was kinda expensive and I had it with me for so long--only to be stolen. Good thing, my sister bought me a new one. I chose this cheaper [PhP200++], colorful one from SM Department Store.

A realization: Don't get yourself an expensive and branded umbrella, especially, don't get yourself umbrellas from LV, Burberry, etc. [I'm talking about the authentic, overly expensive ones, okay?] You'll lose them anyway.  I mean, let's face it. How many umbrellas have you misplaced and lost in your lifetime? Or, chances are, someone will steal it while you're letting it dry. Sob ;s


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kickass Experience

Dear Juliet,

I've scratched off some items in my bucket list and one experience I am thrilled to tell you is about my first shooting experience. Nope, hindi pa ako nag-aartista. Am still thinking if I'll accept the showbiz offers, but what I mean is that I got to shoot a gun in a firing range. FOR. REAL. It was so kick ass! I'd like to thank the most loving guy for bringing me there and making it happen. ♥

So for my first try, the gun had a silencer attached to it. Kumusta naman yung naka-kagat labi pa ako di ba? Lol.

And then during the next series of tries, they wanted me to shoot without the silencer. "Alangan namang magkabit ka pa muna ng silencer kapag putukan na?" said the range officer. And so, I complied. Look! I got a video c/o the supportive guy ;)

I was taught how to unload the gun after use. I also learned how to load the magazine with the bullets. We weren't able to fire his bigger gun, but I was already satisfied with the one we used, which I had no idea what was called. LoL. All I know was that it was a Glock19 kemerloo chenes chenes. OR NOT.

Left: the silencer and the difference between his Glock and M16 bullets.
Right: ammunition

Lastly, let me show off the hits I made. I wasn't bad as a beginner daw. Clap, clap.

So this was the last of my attempts. I was given 10 rounds--I spent 3 trying to knock down the steal plate [which I hit on my third round] and 7 in this target board. Out of 7 rounds, 6 got inside the ALPHA area of responsibility chenelyn. Haha!

Ang bakla lang ng entry na ito. Halatang wala akong kaalam-alam sa "gun vocabulary." This entry is proof that guns and gayness don't jive well ;p

The funny guy jokingly said that he regrets bringing me there, delikado raw sya pag nagalit ako. LoL! After the shooting range, we headed to Choco Kiss to have some meryenda--green salad, taco salad, and blueberry cheese cake! Yum! It was a happy Saturday ♥


Sunday, May 6, 2012

APP-lifting my Mood :)

Dear Juliet,

Out of all the work-related stress that are going on in my life right now, I found something that de-stresses me. Nope, surprisingly, it's not food. It's an application for my very "pobre" Nokia X3-02 which is much like instagram, only peke and with less filters. And since I'm your typical narcissistic cam whore, I enjoy it so much! Nawawala ang kunot ng noo ko due to work at napapalitan ng wagas na camera-ready smile :)

The app is called Sophie's Cam and I got it for free from the Nokia Ovi Store. Yeheeeeey! Here are some photos I captured today. Pardon the vanity shots. Pagsasawaan nyo ang fez ko ;p
After gym, picture-picture agad :)

Fish tayo! Galunggong ;p

Galunggong with a goblet of soda. Haha. Para sosyal ng konti ;p

SPEED BALL! I love this thing. Its rhythmic sound is so soothing ;)


Monday, April 23, 2012

Snatched and Scratched

Dear Juliet,

I've been wearing a necklace--i never take it off; not even during bath time--for more than 8 years. Only now have I experienced being snatched of one. A FIRST, I must say. It was a funny and scary experience at the same time.

I was at the back-most part of the jeepney, texting a contact for work. When the jeepney slowly came to a hault, I noticed a young man--a teenager--na nakasabit [Sorry, ano ba sa English ang nakasabit? Clinging? Hanging? LoL]. His hands were so fast! Next thing I knew, he jumped off the jeepney with my cute little star necklace in his hands.

What a bastard! He left a scratch on me! WHAT IF MAY RABIES SYA?! Baka bukas pagkagising ko, infected na ako, maloka, at bigla na lang manaksak ng evil, offensive, unreasonable, and inconsiderate people. Nyahahaha! ;p

Things happened so fast. Napasigaw talaga ako sa gulat. At heto pa, wa-poise lang talaga yung sigaw ko. Pang-horror yung effect eh; hindi pang-hold up na eksena. Hahaha! Good thing, may pumansin naman sa akin. The passenger seated in front of me was kind enough to ask me what happened. Because of him, I managed to calm down and be sane.

At the end of the day, it was better that he only got my cute little star necklace [which I only bought a few days back and loved a bunch, by the way. Huhu.] Remember, I was texting and buti na lang, hindi yung cellphone ang naisip nyang hablutin.

Lesson: Huwag masyadong mag mukhang mayaman. Yung sakto lang para iwas snatcher moments. Mwahahaha! ;p


Saturday, April 21, 2012

You Know What's Disappointing?

Dear Juliet,

The company I'm currently working at is a sponsor of the Miss Philippines Earth 2012. We've put up an online voting album in our Facebook fan page dedicated to gather votes for the candidates. The votes in the said album will be added to the votes garnered by the contestants in the MPE Facebook fan page and the MPE Official website. The candidate who garners the highest number of votes wins the Ms. Photogenic and Ms. Ever Bilena titles.

What's disappointing is that people comment rudely against these contestants who are WOMEN--women who deserve RESPECT. As administrator of our fan page, it pains me to see tasteless, harsh, and degrading comments coming mostly from men and surprisingly, even from women. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? What do they get from posting useless comments?

GAHD! It's really infuriating. I am a woman myself and it really sucks to read demoralizing comments directed to fellow women and most especially, to fellow Filipinos. We are Filipinos and yet we lambaste our own countrymen? How can we even claim Filipino pride if we're barbaric like this?

To the ill-mannered bad mouthers:



Saturday, April 7, 2012

Amazing April

Dear Juliet,

My life has been kinda lame and depressing the past few months, so let's make this April fantabulous, shall we? Let's forget about my quarter life crisis and try to make things more fun from here on. I've made my past years SPLENDID, so making this year AMAZING is gonna be a cakewalk for me.

I've been missing a lot as far as staying fit is concerned. So this month, I have to make sure to workout more than thrice weekly. It's a good thing Elorde has opened a branch in Lagro, which is just a stone's throw away from home sweet home! It's along my usual route, so I can drop by after work. Yey! 

I haven't really gained much weight after more than a month of "gymlessness." In fact, I think I lost weight because of the adjustment of my body from the long commuting, and because of my new eating habit. But still, I need exercise to help me stay physically strong and active. Long hours of just sitting in front of the computer is not fun. I miss sweating like a man! Besides, all the cellulite forming in my tummy is painful to look at. So, I'm saying yes to boxing this month!

I can't believe it's already April and I still haven't gone to any summer getaway! In April 2011, I was in Boracay with my HS Buddies. We were supposed to go to Zamboanga last February, but then it was the peak of my low moments, so I bailed. 

This April, I've already made plans with friends, so travel escapades are in order. Escaping a stressful job and a stressful life is really a must. Hopefully, my travel friends and I could push through with our getaways by next month. May the TRAVEL GODS and FORTUNE GODS be with us. Hehehe!

I must learn to be thrifty so that by the end of the year, I will be able to get myself all the things I want. FIGHT!


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Dear Juliet,

I'm holding on to this saying until further notice.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dear Juliet,

Minsan, gusto ko na lang magalit because I wasn't given the comfortable life I’ve been wanting to live. Gusto ko magalit kasi hindi na matupad-tupad yung usapan namin ng parents ko na kapag nakapagtapos na ako ng pag-aaral, pwede ko na gawin lahat ng gusto ko. Gusto ko magalit kasi hindi kami mayaman. Gusto ko magalit kasi ang hirap ng ganitong buhay namin.

I know, I sound a bit too exaggerated. Hindi pa naman kami umaabot sa puntong wala nang makain sa umaga, tanghali, at gabi. We’re still surviving. Pero gets? Ang HIRAP. Ayoko na ng ganito.

Nakakalungkot lang na ang dami kong gusto gawin at bilhin para sa sarili ko pero di ko magawa kasi kailangan ko pa tulungan yung pamilya ko. Ang selfish lang pakinggan diba? Gusto ko magshopping pero di pwede bilhin lahat. Gusto ko magtravel pero walang pamasahe at walang time. Gusto ko kumain ng masarap pero expensive na, fattening pa. ANG DAMI KONG GUSTO. Ang babaw noh?

Pero minsan kasi nakakapagod na yung setup na feeling mo lagi kang deprived. Na kahit anong gawin mong pagtatrabaho, hindi ka suswelduhan ayon sa tingin mo ay deserve mo. At kahit anong gawin mong pagtatrabaho, parang never magkakasya yung suswelduhin mo sa mga expenses na kailangan mo bayaran. Nakakabaliw. Ang hirap. Tapos ang mas nakakalungkot pa dun, nakikita mo yung mga tao sa paligid mong napakaginhawa ng buhay. Bakit ganun? Nakakalungkot lang talaga.

Hay. Ang emotional lang nitong hapon ko. Ewan ko ba. Pakiramdam ko buong February nako nahihirapan. Nag-extend pa ng March. Takte, sana naman sa April mas gumaan na ang mga bagay. HHUUUGGSSS! ;c

Bukas, when I'm in a better mood, pagsisisihan at pagtatawanan ko kung bakit ko sinulat itong entry na ito.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Sunday, March 18, 2012

MARCHing onward

Dear Juliet,

I have so much to tell you! A lot has transpired and there is just so much I have in mind that I don't know where to start and how to start. Well, let's talk about my new background first. I changed it cos it's SUMMER! It's that bright and dandy part of the year again. The heat sucks, but I still think everything is really fun under the sun. LoL. Lame.

Second, let's talk about my February. 
Well, my February really sucked. I would call it "the onset of my quarter life crisis." And though February had a very negative vibe to it, I managed to come out of it alive, thanks to a "someone" who stuck with me and made me happy despite all the shit that happened.

I resigned from my previous job. I really, really loved that job with all my heart and it was a painful decision to leave. But sometimes there really is a need to move on and find something that will make us happier. I'm gonna miss the people there. They were all so warm and kind and happy. I've become comfortable with them already and some of them, I really trusted so much.
I'm gonna miss them!
Another reason why I had to leave was because I committed an offense. I felt really ashamed of myself that I thought my bosses won't ever trust me again. Thus, my decision to give up the post and just move on. I thought, I won't find it easy to face them and work for them again after the incident so, I left.

Still in February was Valentines Day and my trip to Corregidor. It's just so awesome to be celebrating special occasions (slash social constructs) with a person dear to you. Having someone support you all the way is just so comforting.

Corregidor was tiring, but fun! It was really hot, but who cares? I was with the person I love. Woot!

Job hunting was such a pain in the ass. But after the long search, I eventually found a place that sparked my interest and made me ready to face a new chapter in my career life.

Moving forward in March
I can't really say my quarter life is over just yet. I'm still dealing with a lot of adjustments and I have to say it's really taxing. I am close to tears every end of the day. I am broke. I'm always so tired and so pissed of heavy traffic. I'm always so frustrated. But I'm also trying to hold on to my dear life. I know everything will fall back to their proper places. I'll eventually get used to this new setup and my life will be back to normal. 

Good thing I have a very good support system. My mom is always there to prepare my baon for me. My sister always teases me about how fat I'm becoming, and my dad is always willing to send me relief cash during emergencies. They're like Pokemons, gotta love 'em all!

The world of makeup
I am currently working in a cosmetics company as a Marketing Communications Editor. I started last Monday; tomorrow marks my first week! My job is basically to write and edit advertorials, communicate with publishing companies, and supervise the Creative Team of the Marketing Department. This is definitely a whole new world for me, but it's an exciting world; one that requires me to wear freakin' makeup! And while we still don't have uniforms, I'll also have to wear girly-girl outfits and the dreaded heels.

It's such a different world. Everything is informal and gay. My colleagues call one another "girl," and my boss utters "chorva," "eklavu," and "chararat" during weekly meetings and during office hours. They even say cuss words out loud. How weird is that?

The office is really interesting! I have two workmates who resemble Scent and Chuchie, two college batch mates. And I also have two guy office mates who remind me of my the two graphic artists in my previous job. 

For my first week, I've already been sent to two events: Mirror, Mirror advance screening and, lo and behold, Daiana Menezes' fans day. Hahaha. But I have overtime pay for these, so I gladly attended them.

Hay. My job is gonna be demanding and I really hope it doesn't ruin my relationships. 

What sucks though... that I can no longer go to the gym! I miss the gym and I miss my friends there. Now, I only have the weekends to workout--that's if I have no event to attend. Last Saturday, I didn't get to workout and that really sucked. Imma make sure to workout every weekends. I'm gaining weight already! I'm going to pursue boxing this time. I loved my first try at Elorde's and I'm going back soon.

And speaking of working out, I have to drag my lazy butt to the gym now! I'll talk to you again soon. No more blog hiatus, this time. I promise! :)

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm here...

Dear Juliet,

 ...and it sucks!

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Monday, January 30, 2012

Punta Fuego: A trip with my SEXY buddies!

Dear Juliet,

Our most-awaited out of town trip pushed through! My gym buddies and I were planning for this for so long and in January 21, our group made it to Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas. It's my first out of town trip for the year, and I'm so glad it kicked off my travel adventures for 2012.

As expected, it was a fun trip. There are no dull moments when I'm with these people, I'm telling you. Plus, when you're with these guys, you'll never go hungry! Aside from the snacks during the road trip, we stopped over at some Bulalo place in Tagaytay to have lunch. Kami na, lalo na ako, ang matatakaw na gym-goers ;p
Stop over. Kumusta yung suot naming beach attire? Eh ang GINAAAAW!
Lunch in Tagaytay! The view was the best!
After some negotiations and a boat ride, we arrived in the beautiful Punta Fuego. We were so famished that we all devoured our baon, which were prepared by Lyn, the best cook in the group! Busog. Bundat to the max ang tummy ko after the meal! We had binagoongan, chicken adobo (or was it humba? Sorry, magaling lang kasi talaga ako kumain. LoL!), fried bangus, and green mangoes with bagoong. Perfect!

Our house was kinda far from the beach. Actually, "far" is an understatement. It was a remote place, to be honest. LoL! We had to traverse a literally long and winding pathway before we could get to the beach front. Ito yung daan na susubukin ang mga tuhod mo. 

So after eating, we all headed to the beach to take a dip. When it started to get dark, we decided to transfer to the swimming pool. I think we spent more time in the pool than in the beach. While the girls were swimming and taking vanity photos, the guys were enjoying their Empi Light. 
This is what I meant when I said VANITY PHOTOS. You know the drill -- click the thumbnails to enlarge photos :)

At the beach

Group pictures by the pool

 Violent reactions regarding these photos are not welcome ;p

My buddies and I made the most out of the night by playing 123, Pass! Syempre, hindi rin mawawala ang inuman. Look who's drunk! :)

Nangangapal na yung fez ko during these times. 
PS: Kaming tatlo ang ultimate winners sa 123, Pass ;p

That same night, some revelations emerged. Napatunayan na ang dapat mapatunayan! LoL! Because of these revelations, we got to understand one another more. I can say that I appreciate my friends even better after knowing them deeper. Tapos, we went to the beach to watch the stars. I literally fell asleep watching them. Thank God I have friends who woke me up and assisted me back to our house. Magulong daanan + bangag na Dez = disaster. Hahaha!

And then, we called it a night. Natulog kaming may mga buhangin pa sa katawan. Haha! The next morning...

We woke up early to enjoy the beach for the last time. We had our poser pictures taken, and got some ridiculous henna tattoos. Mine was a simple pattern. My friends' tattoos, however, are different stories altogether. Let's just say they weren't satisfied with the results. Chararat to the max!

The tide was low, so we didn't really get to swim at the beach. We had fun times at the pool, though.


And then, it was time to go home. We had another boat ride back to the main land and traveled back to manila by car. I was asleep most of the time, so I didn't really know what was happening during the road trip. When I woke up, we were stopping over at some posh place in Tagaytay. There, we had ice cream and some more photo op.

When we reached home base, we continued the merry-making by drinking what's left of our libations. And then, finally, naghiwa-hiwalay rin kami.

This trip is really one for the books! I'm so glad it pushed through, and I'm really thankful I spent the weekend with the happiest people on earth. Nakakapagod, pero masaya! ♥

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Dear Juliet,

For my 158th post and first blog entry of 2012, let me share two quotes I can closely relate with. These shall serve as my resolutions and hopefully, these also become solutions to my quarter life crisis. LoL. For the first quote--

People change for 2 reasons: 
(1) They've learned a lot. 
(2) They've been hurt too much.

I find this one so fitting for me. I've been badly hurt in the past and I can say that that experience changed me. It changed my perspective about life, about love. It made me realize how much strength I have because I was able to cope with the depression and eventually become happier and wiser.

I'd like to think that I've learned a lot over the past year. I've met new people from different walks of life, and every day, I learn something new from them. In 2011, I've learned to become more open-minded about things. I've learned to mingle and adjust to different kinds of people. Lumawak talaga ang pag-unawa ko because of the people I got to interact with.

I've also experienced a lot of new things last year which changed my priorities, my perspectives in life, my needs. Now, I think I've become braver, bolder, and more makapal ang mukha :) I realized being mahiyain fades away as one grows older. So when I say I've changed, I mean: Garapal na ako ngayon. LoL!

So for 2012, learn lang ng learn. We get better as individuals by doing new things, meeting new people, listening to other people's stories, witnessing things as they happen, experiencing stuff that we still haven't, allowing ourselves to immerse in new environments, finding a better perspective when things go wrong, and of course, by getting hurt over and over again. Ganun lang naman talaga ang buhay.

I also got inspired by this quote I found in Facebook. (It's funny how great the impact of social networks has been in my life. Now, I'm living up to quotes I find on Facebook and Twitter. LoL.) I think it's good to live by this principle:

Don't compare your life with that of others. 
You have no idea what their journey is all about.

  • Bakit siya, di naman maganda, pero may boyfriend? 
  • Ako nga, nakaka-ipon ako from my meager sweldo. Dapat ikaw din. 
  • Maganda talaga siya. Wala nga ako sa kalingkingan nyan eh. 
  • Sana ako rin, katulad nya.

Have these thoughts ever ran through your head? I bet you have thought of something like one of these. We always have opinions about others, and it's inevitable to feel insecure and to compare ourselves to others once in a while. But after reading the quote, I realized, oo nga naman, we should take into consideration our individual differences. INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES are the operative words. Not all of us are the same. We have different stories; different journeys. To answer the thoughts above--

  • Siguro nga di maganda si atey, pero mabuti naman ang kalooban nya kaya sya may boyfriend. Tapos ikaw, maganda ka nga, pero bad breath ka naman at napaka-negative mo sa buhay. Sinong magkakagusto sa iyo nyan, di ba?
  • Siguro ikaw, kaya ka nakaka-ipon from your meager sweldo, kasi mayaman naman ang parents mo at wala kang responsibility sa family niyo. Samantalang si koya, sya ang bread winner. So pano siya makaka-ipon kung buong sweldo niya ay may pinaglalaanan, di ba?
  • Sige, ipagpalagay nating maganda talaga si girlaloo, pero what is the point of comparing yourself to her? Gaganda ka ba sa kaka-compare mo? HINDI!
  • Hindi ka pwedeng maging katulad nya. Kasi ikaw yan eh. Sya naman sya. So gets? Wag kang ilusyonada.

For 2012, I'll just accept everything that is given to me and work my way from there. No more comparisons. No more self-pitying. I'll do things because they are the right things to do for myself. I'll just think of ways to make things work for me; to make myself feel better.

Also, I won't impose what I think is right for another person. "Dapat mag fruit diet ka na" or "Move on girl, ako nga nakaya ko eh" are big no-no's. These things might have worked for me or for one particular person, but it's not a guarantee that it'll be effective for another. Again, it is best to consider INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES.

There you go, sago. I'm looking forward to another splendid year. Cheers to love and life! :)

1. Magpapasexy ako not because I want to be like a certain person, but because I want to be a better me.
2. I'm not beautiful like you. I'm beautiful like me. Just the way I am.
3. This year, I'm gonna be given the value I deserve.
4. I'll survive 2012, just wait and see.

Hoping, waiting, believing.
★ Happidezz