Saturday, April 7, 2012

Amazing April

Dear Juliet,

My life has been kinda lame and depressing the past few months, so let's make this April fantabulous, shall we? Let's forget about my quarter life crisis and try to make things more fun from here on. I've made my past years SPLENDID, so making this year AMAZING is gonna be a cakewalk for me.

I've been missing a lot as far as staying fit is concerned. So this month, I have to make sure to workout more than thrice weekly. It's a good thing Elorde has opened a branch in Lagro, which is just a stone's throw away from home sweet home! It's along my usual route, so I can drop by after work. Yey! 

I haven't really gained much weight after more than a month of "gymlessness." In fact, I think I lost weight because of the adjustment of my body from the long commuting, and because of my new eating habit. But still, I need exercise to help me stay physically strong and active. Long hours of just sitting in front of the computer is not fun. I miss sweating like a man! Besides, all the cellulite forming in my tummy is painful to look at. So, I'm saying yes to boxing this month!

I can't believe it's already April and I still haven't gone to any summer getaway! In April 2011, I was in Boracay with my HS Buddies. We were supposed to go to Zamboanga last February, but then it was the peak of my low moments, so I bailed. 

This April, I've already made plans with friends, so travel escapades are in order. Escaping a stressful job and a stressful life is really a must. Hopefully, my travel friends and I could push through with our getaways by next month. May the TRAVEL GODS and FORTUNE GODS be with us. Hehehe!

I must learn to be thrifty so that by the end of the year, I will be able to get myself all the things I want. FIGHT!


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