Monday, April 23, 2012

Snatched and Scratched

Dear Juliet,

I've been wearing a necklace--i never take it off; not even during bath time--for more than 8 years. Only now have I experienced being snatched of one. A FIRST, I must say. It was a funny and scary experience at the same time.

I was at the back-most part of the jeepney, texting a contact for work. When the jeepney slowly came to a hault, I noticed a young man--a teenager--na nakasabit [Sorry, ano ba sa English ang nakasabit? Clinging? Hanging? LoL]. His hands were so fast! Next thing I knew, he jumped off the jeepney with my cute little star necklace in his hands.

What a bastard! He left a scratch on me! WHAT IF MAY RABIES SYA?! Baka bukas pagkagising ko, infected na ako, maloka, at bigla na lang manaksak ng evil, offensive, unreasonable, and inconsiderate people. Nyahahaha! ;p

Things happened so fast. Napasigaw talaga ako sa gulat. At heto pa, wa-poise lang talaga yung sigaw ko. Pang-horror yung effect eh; hindi pang-hold up na eksena. Hahaha! Good thing, may pumansin naman sa akin. The passenger seated in front of me was kind enough to ask me what happened. Because of him, I managed to calm down and be sane.

At the end of the day, it was better that he only got my cute little star necklace [which I only bought a few days back and loved a bunch, by the way. Huhu.] Remember, I was texting and buti na lang, hindi yung cellphone ang naisip nyang hablutin.

Lesson: Huwag masyadong mag mukhang mayaman. Yung sakto lang para iwas snatcher moments. Mwahahaha! ;p


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