Sunday, May 6, 2012

APP-lifting my Mood :)

Dear Juliet,

Out of all the work-related stress that are going on in my life right now, I found something that de-stresses me. Nope, surprisingly, it's not food. It's an application for my very "pobre" Nokia X3-02 which is much like instagram, only peke and with less filters. And since I'm your typical narcissistic cam whore, I enjoy it so much! Nawawala ang kunot ng noo ko due to work at napapalitan ng wagas na camera-ready smile :)

The app is called Sophie's Cam and I got it for free from the Nokia Ovi Store. Yeheeeeey! Here are some photos I captured today. Pardon the vanity shots. Pagsasawaan nyo ang fez ko ;p
After gym, picture-picture agad :)

Fish tayo! Galunggong ;p

Galunggong with a goblet of soda. Haha. Para sosyal ng konti ;p

SPEED BALL! I love this thing. Its rhythmic sound is so soothing ;)


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