Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kickass Experience

Dear Juliet,

I've scratched off some items in my bucket list and one experience I am thrilled to tell you is about my first shooting experience. Nope, hindi pa ako nag-aartista. Am still thinking if I'll accept the showbiz offers, but what I mean is that I got to shoot a gun in a firing range. FOR. REAL. It was so kick ass! I'd like to thank the most loving guy for bringing me there and making it happen. ♥

So for my first try, the gun had a silencer attached to it. Kumusta naman yung naka-kagat labi pa ako di ba? Lol.

And then during the next series of tries, they wanted me to shoot without the silencer. "Alangan namang magkabit ka pa muna ng silencer kapag putukan na?" said the range officer. And so, I complied. Look! I got a video c/o the supportive guy ;)

I was taught how to unload the gun after use. I also learned how to load the magazine with the bullets. We weren't able to fire his bigger gun, but I was already satisfied with the one we used, which I had no idea what was called. LoL. All I know was that it was a Glock19 kemerloo chenes chenes. OR NOT.

Left: the silencer and the difference between his Glock and M16 bullets.
Right: ammunition

Lastly, let me show off the hits I made. I wasn't bad as a beginner daw. Clap, clap.

So this was the last of my attempts. I was given 10 rounds--I spent 3 trying to knock down the steal plate [which I hit on my third round] and 7 in this target board. Out of 7 rounds, 6 got inside the ALPHA area of responsibility chenelyn. Haha!

Ang bakla lang ng entry na ito. Halatang wala akong kaalam-alam sa "gun vocabulary." This entry is proof that guns and gayness don't jive well ;p

The funny guy jokingly said that he regrets bringing me there, delikado raw sya pag nagalit ako. LoL! After the shooting range, we headed to Choco Kiss to have some meryenda--green salad, taco salad, and blueberry cheese cake! Yum! It was a happy Saturday ♥



  1. happy yan dez!:) want to try that too! dahil mo kmi jan ah!hehe. :P

  2. sige, ill ask him kung pwede ko kayo isama one time. hehehe ;)


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