Sunday, June 24, 2012

Awesome Threesome

Dear Juliet,

This blog entry is inspired by Bethany Joy Galleoti's "Three Cool Things." Since I'm such a gaya-gaya, I've decided to come up with my own version of it--"Awesome Threesome"--featuring three things that make me happy. So for my first Happy Three entry, let me tell you about three things that make my world colorful at the moment :)

POST ITS! I have a hoard of post its in my planner. They're so cute and colorful and functional too! I use them both for work and for my planner/diary entries. The green post it set, I got from SM Supplies Station for only PhP69 while the rest are from all over the world, given as pasalubong by my previous boss :) This "collection" reminds me of my childhood. Back then, kids like me loved to collect stationery.
COLORFUL PENS! I first used colored pens to make my corrections stand out against a black and white manuscript. That way, the typesetters can easily spot the editing marks and insert the corrections in the soft copy. Now, I use them in my planner/diary as well. They make the planner more interesting and girly :) Pens like these range from PhP10 to PhP50 each, depending on the brand. Being the pobre that I am, most of my pens are only on the PhP10 rate. Haha!

BRELLY! I recently lost my trusty Fibrella of two years. Unfortunately, someone from the office took it. I felt bad because it was kinda expensive and I had it with me for so long--only to be stolen. Good thing, my sister bought me a new one. I chose this cheaper [PhP200++], colorful one from SM Department Store.

A realization: Don't get yourself an expensive and branded umbrella, especially, don't get yourself umbrellas from LV, Burberry, etc. [I'm talking about the authentic, overly expensive ones, okay?] You'll lose them anyway.  I mean, let's face it. How many umbrellas have you misplaced and lost in your lifetime? Or, chances are, someone will steal it while you're letting it dry. Sob ;s