Friday, January 25, 2013

Camiguin - Cagayan De Oro 2012: a Photo Blog [Part 3]

Dear Juliet,

This is the last part of a my Camiguin-Cagayan de Oro trilogy. You can view Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.
Day 3 starts with breakfast. We had to be stuffed for the long ride to our last activity in Mindanao. For our last day, we were going to Dahilayan Park for Zipline!
We passed by a vast pineapple plantation. We pulled over for a quick pictorial. I found a small pineapple that has fallen off, and we had a little photo op with it.

When we arrived at Dahilayan Park, we were just in awe with the view--greenery! pine trees!  I felt like being in Baguio because of the environment.
First, we had the Dual Zipline. Though ziplining isn't something new to me, this experience was different mainly because of the view. Look at the pine trees in our background. Just beautiful!
Then, it was time to go solo. The first two ziplines were just short, like 20 seconds short. Since we were adventurers, we wanted something more extreme. So, after this part, we boarded a multicab which took us to a higher point in Dahilayan Park. From there, we're going to experience the longest zipline in Asia.
I survived Asia's longest zipline at 840 meters! It was around a minute or more of adrenaline rush, sight-seeing, and feeling the breeze. Being in the "superman position" enabled me to just look around as I passed through a forest from the launching point to the end point.
The adventure didn't end with the longest zip line. We also tried out The Drop Zone to satisfy our adventurous spirits. In this "ride," we were elevated from the ground at 120 meters and from there, we would fall freely and become the human  version of Enchanted Kingdom's Anchors Away.

Sara Ang Munting Princesa ang peg namin sa shot na ito with the pine trees and everything. Kulang na lang yung kantahan and dancing around. Hehehe. This is the view on the way to The Drop Zone. Nature is ♥.

I went with Marie to expeience the ride. We didn't know what we signed up for! Nung hindi pa rin tumitigil sa pag-angat yung harness namin, nagsimula na kaming kabahan. I was on the right side, so it was my duty to pull the trigger. Meaning, I had to pull a string to trigger our free wall. PRESSURE di ba? It took me three tries before I successfully pulled that little string.

The fall was exhilarating! It almost felt like my guts were thrown out of my body. Wala kang ibang magagawa kundi sumigaw at tumawa. I held on so tightly on Marilee's arm that at the end of the ride, both our arms were all sweaty and warm, hahahaha! You can check out Dahilayan Park's official website for rates and more information on their attractions.

We traveled back to the city to have one last meal before going back to Manila. We ate in a restaurant recommended by Kuya Jimmy. That's him in black. He's really kind and accommodating! He had an awesome playlist in his van that's why even though our travels were long, we were kept entertained. After lunch, we had some time to buy pasalubong. We brought home PASTEL! Vjandep is the famous brand of pastel in CDO and true enough, it is so heavenly! We also got lanzones and pineapples since they were cheaper compared to the prices in Manila.
Thanks for reading my Camiguin-Cagayan de Oro travel blogs! I can't wait til my next trip. I'll tell you all about it in February. For now, ciao! :)


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