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NYR: Read More, Blog More

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Dear Juliet,

Since I've recently been "vacant" (i.e. unemployed), I found time to read books that were in the shelf for the longest time. My favorite book so far, interestingly titled "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps," was lent to me by my former office mate during the time of my depression after I got out of a six-year relationship. Our plan was to make me understand the nature of men through the book and from there, eventually move on with my life.

The book is written by husband and wife, Barbara and Allan Peas. It's a non-fiction material which explains the many differences (biological, social, intellectual, and so on) between men and women. The most notable thing I learned from the authors is that, men and women are different, but NOT better or worse.

I got hooked with the book because it presented interesting facts (backed by studies and statistics, mind you) and real life situations I easily related with. It had illustrations which introduced the topic every chapter, aided the authors' discussions, and provided comic relief to a relatively thick 300-pager. The Peases tackled every issue (the difference in how men and women's brains are wired, the tendencies of men and women to become bisexual/homosexual, why men are better in parallel parking, why women "sense" other people's feelings better, why most men CAN and WILL have sex with girls they've just met, why most girls WON'T have sex with guys they've just met, etc.) scientifically, without boring you the technical terms. They made the book simple yet rich in information.

After reading the book, it got me to realize a lot of things--why the Boyfie keeps the radio volume down before answering a phone call; why I think he is so insensitive when he doesn't really mean to be insensitive; why he doesn't talk too much during arguments; why he's the better Mathematician.

If you're in a relationship, the book can help you become a better partner because after knowing your nature as man and woman, you'll both learn to be more tolerable of each other's traits and manage to reconcile your differences.


I also did some light reading. I got these books to keep me entertained and happy during my "long holiday." Since I already got The Morning Rush Top 10 last year, I did not hesitate to buy its BOOK 2, The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino's The Morning Rush Top 10. I was able to finish reading it in one night! A friendly reminder, though: DON'T read it in public 'cos people would think you've lost it when they see you laughing by yourself.

FHM Bar Room Jokes will also make your tummies ache in laughter (Okay, that was an exaggeration). Like TMR Top 10, it is a compilation of nasty and funny jokes published in the different FHM magazine issues. Watch out for some jokes which were translated from Filipino to English. They required me a bit of imagination before I could get the punch line. Well, I guess that's the problem with translation. Sometimes, the punchline loses its power.

Lastly, I bought LOVE Your All-Around Guide to Dating, Romance, and Relationship to support my former OJT mentor at Woman Today Asia, Ms. Rhia Diomampo. The title pretty much says it all. It's a guide for people who want to find love or who want love to find them. It has tips on how to act during the first date, on what to expect from a relationship, and on how to make relationships last.

NYR: Read More, Blog More
The reason why I chose to write about books for my first blog entry of 2013 is because reading more and blogging more are part of my New Year's Resolutions. Wish me luck on this! As we all know, resolutions are made to be neglected by the third, fourth month of the year. Hahaha! 

May this 2013 be prosperous for everyone. Cheers! 


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