Sunday, February 3, 2013

REVIEW: 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner

Dear Juliet,

I finally got myself a planner! Yes, a planner is something essential for a scatter-brain like me. It got delayed for a month because I didn't have a job, ergo, I also didn't have money to buy it. So when I got my backpay last Friday, the first thing i bought was the 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner and a pen.

For the past years, I've always used
Belle de Jour Power Planners. 
To me, it's more of a diary than a planner. I'd scribble and draw my everyday experiences in it. Every time I update it, I feel like I've transformed into a child, playing with her coloring book, trying hard to come up with bright and beautiful pictures using her colored pens.

I also love that it's the kind of planner that empowers women. To start with, the colors in the planner are dainty and girly. It has weekly quotes/mantras which remind women of how amazing they are. It helps ladies track their expenses, set goals, mind their health, explore new experiences with the 100 things to do, and even record their menstrual cycles.

But what I love most about the BDJ planner is the BDJ coupons! It comes with discount coupons which are perfect when you're in the mood for shopping!!! Who doesn't like discounts, right?

Today, I took time to sort my 2013 BDJ coupons. The OC in me grouped the coupons according to different categories (I came up with 11). As I was laying down the coupons on our dining table, I felt a mix of excitement and disappointment. There are new exciting coupons to look forward to but, there are also some brands which aren't in the 2013 BDJ planner. Let me explain each category and why I am kinda disappointed of the 2013 offerings:

1. Clothing and 
2. Shoes
Obviously, these coupons are intended to avail discounts/freebies from different clothing and shoe companies. This year, there aren't much exciting brands which made me jump with glee. In the past years, there were discount coupons for Bayo, Folded and Hung, Get Laud, Charles & Keith, Celine, CMG, etc. It's just sad that for 2013, these brands are gone. You have All Flipflops and Bauhaus, though.

3. Spas and Hotels
This category made me giddy! Aside from the usual The Spa and Ace Water Spa coupons, now there are discounts to be availed from two hotels. Yes, you read it right! HOTELS! One is a discount on the published room rates of Ace Hotel and Suites, and another on a Relaxation Package from the Subic Grand Seas Resort. These got me thinking when I'd use the coupons and who I'm going with! Yey! This is something to look forward to, right?

4. Food
Here, you get discounts and freebies from TGIF, Bulgogi Brothers, Krazy Garlic, Serenity, etc. Not much fun, but will suffice. 

5. Hair and Face
These are goodies for women's grooming -- eyebrows, hair (from up above and below, LoL!), cosmetics, makeup trainings, hair accessories, facial treatments/products, etc. I'm not really up for these since the participating stores are really far from where I live/work. Plus, there aren't any Etude House, L'Oreal coupons included in the 2013 package.

6. Classes
I'd love to avail the treats from Barre 3 and John Robert Powers. If only I had a buddy to bring to the classes with me.

7. Red Box and 8. CBTL
BDJ users would know that these two companies are the most generous as far as giving freebies and treats are concerned. Red Box has nine coupons while Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has eight.

9. SM Ladies' Fashion and Parisian
You might be wondering why I didn't put this category under Clothing and Shoes. Well, I made up this category so it would be easier to pick out the coupons once I'm in any SM Department Store. These are discounts for ladies' clothes and shoes! Last year, I got to avail of my Parisian discount and bought this pretty pair for a lower price.

These are complimentary samples which should be availed in the main office of the respective brands. Brands include Khiel's, Luster by Kolours, Black Beauty (the horse shampoo & conditioner), and Splash (SkinWhite, Hygienix, Vitress).

11. Misc.
I made this category because I am sure I won't be able to use the coupons for pets, parking, jewelry, and an iPhone case. Well, I don't have a pet, a car, and an iPhone. But as far as the jewelry is concerned, there's a chance I may use the discounts.

There you go! I hope I'd be able to use my coupons this year. Last year, my coupons were unused and I don't ever want that to happen again this year. Coupon maximization is on :)