Sunday, July 28, 2013

Go for the Goal

I'm tweaking my blog! From now on, no more "Dear Juliets" because I no longer need answers, I'm no longer hurting, and I no longer give a fuck. Choz!

You might be a grammar nazi and wonder, "Go for the Goal talaga ang title? Kinulang ng D? Dapat Go for the Goald! Yuck, wrong grammar much?!"

Let me explain, you perfect little creation of God. Today, I've decided to update my Bucket List and put up new goals to accomplish. Thus, I'm going for the goals. These goals are inclined to fitness, and well, vanity na rin. This year, I will do the best I can to have abs and toned arms. Let's scrap weighing 50kg off the list as I am no longer shedding off weight. Oh, I want to do pull-ups too! So may the force be with me.

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