Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep Pushing

Last night, we went to San Benissa Garden Villas along Commonwealth avenue to 1) buy Boyfie's project car and 2) visit a friend in her new unit. While waiting in the car, Boyfie asked me, "Ikaw, Sweetie, kailan ka bibili ng unit mo?" I half-heartedly said, "Pag mayaman na ako."

Then all the realizations came. "Kailan pa yun?!" I'm at the prime of my life and where am I? What do I have? How far have I gone? I started thinking about my friends' accomplishments, properties, and experiences. I'm far behind as far as competition is concerned.

But then again, I thought, am I to base my fulfillment and happiness from what others have achieved? Of course not. In due time, I'll have my share of happiness and success!

I should not lose hope and feel uninspired.


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