Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Take on the Starbucks Planner Craze

While I'm sleepy and being unproductive at work, let me be productive at least with my blogging. Hopefully, I'll be in a more motivated state after writing this.

Earlier, I got to read an article about today's generation's inclination to the expensive and impractical planner that is the Starbucks planner. According to the article, getting the planner for Christmas has been the new tradition of the youth. Regardless of how unreasonably-priced the planner is, people are more than willing to pay not just for the planner but also for the Starbucks experience -- the feeling of belonging to an environment where everyone (loners, barkadas, yuppies, students, parents, etc.) is welcome to do what they do, be what they want to be. In short, fuck the latte factor! People will spend their money on Starbucks because they want to and because they can.

While I also love my White Chocolate Mocha Frappe topped with more than enough chocolate powder, I've never been really addicted to Starbucks and was never really inclined to availing of the planner. Yes, I get the whole Starbucks experience thing -- their cofeeshops are really cozy, but I don't really go there to work (I get easily distracted especially when the shops become too noisy) or to hang out with friends (we're the practical bunch who'd rather spend on hearty meals; not just coffeeshop meals). I got a planner once, but was not able to maximize it; plus, I prefer the Belle De Jour Planner more. It wasn't even me who collected the stickers. I don't think I'll enjoy collecting stickers too, cos I only know one drink by heart: my white chocolate mocha frappe and I'm not the adventurous coffee drinker. I go to Starbucks once in a while, but only to treat myself when I believe I deserve something for myself. Yup, to me, one Starbucks frappe is a luxury. Yeah, boo me.

So what am I writing about again? Oh, yeah. My take on the whole Starbucks planner craze. For me, it really is an impractical Christmas tradition and I'd rather spend my money on other things. But there's nothing wrong about being hooked on the yearly Starbucks tradition so long as people can afford their penchant for expensive and impractical planners. And there's also nothing wrong about being the practical, non "Starbucks planner crazy" people. Different folks, different strokes. Yun lang!