Bucket List

We all have goals in life right? Well, here are mine. They're random wishes and dreams I have for myself. Some of them are silly, some materialistic, some too ambitious, while most are simple things.

I started listing these things down when I'm 22. The markers separate the additional items per year. As my life goes on, the list gets longer and longer.

1. Take up an MA degree
2. Pass English 117
3. Enroll in a speech class
4. Enroll in a dance class
5. Buy a laptop with my own money
6. Get a tattoo ~October 3, 2010
7. Travel abroad
8. Travel alone
9. Study abroad
10. Author a book
11. Win a writing award
12. Write / contribute for a magazine [again]
13. See the Aurora Borealis
14. Be sexy / thin again! ~echos lang ;p
15. Wear contact lenses
16. Have a decent amount in my saving account
17. Out of town / country vacay with family
18. Buy my parents a house
19. Buy a car
20. Do charity work ~CDO Flashflood Donation
21. Renew my passport
22. Venture in a business ~August 9, 2015
23. Have my moles cauterized
24. Donate blood
25. Go camping and sleep inside a tent ~Calaguas, May 2011
26. Learn photography
27. Dye my hair
28. Perm my hair 
29. Fall in love again ~December 26, 2014 ♥ ♥ ♥
30. Be financially stable
31. Get married

♥--------------------------------2011 List-------------------------------♥

32. Customize this blog
33. Learn to cook
34. Weigh at least 105 lbs.
35. Read more books
36. Buy a new guitar and enroll to guitar lessons
37. Speak fluent Spanish
38. Make out with a special someone in the UP lagoon ~March 01, 2012 ;)
39. Play "River Flows in You"
40. Go cliff diving
41. Get a grade of 1.0 in at least one MA course (I'm no longer studying!)
42. Enroll to a gym ~July 16, 2011
43. Learn Capoeira
44. Fall asleep under the stars ~Calaguas, May 2011
45. Have my second tattoo :)

 ♥--------------------------------2012 List-------------------------------♥

46. Fire a gun ~May 19, 2012
47. Learn to drive
48. Find a better-paying job ~March 12, 2012
49. Ride a hot-air balloon
50. Live independently
51. Go SCUBA diving ~December 26, 2016
52. Party hard in a club ~Manor; February 4, 2012
53. Have a pet turtle

♥--------------------------------2013 List-------------------------------♥

54. Get toned arms and abs!
55. Be able to do pull-ups.

♥--------------------------------2015 List-------------------------------♥

56. Go back to the gym
57. Write more regularly



  1. Ngayon ko lang nabsa 'tong page na to. winner yung #37 :) ¡Querer es poder! :)

  2. Shelly, ang dami pang kulang dyan, natatamad lang akong i-update, but there are A LOT I want to do in life talaga.

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